Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

An invite-only org comprised of successful business owners

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Thanks again @bramk! My colleague @cassmsousa on our community management team is going to field any questions / comments. My son was just born :)
Thanks for hunting us @bramk! Good morning Hunters :) I'm excited to share with you all Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC for short) which is an invite-only organization that my partner and I have invested years of our lives building. It all stemmed from a desire we had to make entrepreneurship a less lonely place. We set forth to curate a group of like-minded business owners whose accomplishments we admired. Today, we have members across North America and some abroad. I welcome you all to check us out and if you meet the criteria request an application. I'll offer any PH community member a 15 percent discount on their annual membership. Just leave a comment here for me after you request your app and I'll make sure our team knows to apply a special discount. Any feedback is also greatly appreciated, thanks!
YEC is a complete SCAM!!! Run RUN RUN!!! This company has ripped off more people than I can count. They charge ridiculous membership fees with false promises of your writing being published on major publications, etc. This company is by far the worst organization around. They have no member support. They have such a tiny footprint in each city that unless you live in NYC then you will probably never meet another YEC member in person. The value is absolutely nothing. Please save yourself the time and money by joining another organization like a Forbes Coaches Council.