Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

An invite-only org comprised of successful business owners

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Thanks again @bramk! My colleague @cassmsousa on our community management team is going to field any questions / comments. My son was just born :)
Thanks for hunting us @bramk! Good morning Hunters :) I'm excited to share with you all Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC for short) which is an invite-only organization that my partner and I have invested years of our lives building. It all stemmed from a desire we had to make entrepreneurship a less lonely place. We set forth to curate a group of like-minded business owners whose accomplishments we admired. Today, we have members across North America and some abroad. I welcome you all to check us out and if you meet the criteria request an application. I'll offer any PH community member a 15 percent discount on their annual membership. Just leave a comment here for me after you request your app and I'll make sure our team knows to apply a special discount. Any feedback is also greatly appreciated, thanks!