You Are Loved

Mental health tracking for friends and family

You Are Loved is an app that allows you to see and monitor how your friends are doing, view uplifting articles to brighten your day, and understand your emotions

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If I click on sign in I'm stuck and can't go back to sign up. At sign up, I go through on boarding but the sign up view doesn't pop open at the end. Congrats on actually shipping out the app.
I lost a classmate to suicide last year, and since then I've dedicated my life to creating something that would help people struggling with mental health. You Are loved is a way to tell people that they are loved, and allow people to become more open to talking about their feelings.
Also on on-boarding, the pictures are highly pixelated, how about putting some dummy components + you have to go through the pain of updating or editing images
@mohamed_hayibor I really appreciate the feedback, I will go back and clean up the images and make them more professional. Thank you :)!