Collect Instagram photos from customers and influencers

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Itai RavehMaker@itairave · Director of Product @Yotpo
We are super excited to share the first version of our Social Curation solution. Our solution allows marketers to leverage their advocates’ Instagram content to optimise all marketing distribution channels. Social curation drives highly engaged traffic to and from social networks, engages with & empowers advocates, and optimises product pages for conversions. Our solution is built in synergy with our other solutions such as Reviews and Q&A, providing marketers with a robust platform to collect, moderate and distribute user generated content, with the aim of optimising ROI. Feel free to reach out with questions and feedback!
Sarah Evans@prsarahevans · Digital correspondent
@itairave hi there. I'm about to do a talk with lots of brand digital leaders on digital tips and tools. Can we email briefly so I can get test it out before including in my deck? Thanks.
Tomer TagrinMaker@ttagrin · CEO, Yotpo
@prsarahevans @itairave Can u send us your email?
Sarah Evans@prsarahevans · Digital correspondent
Gail Gardner@growmap · Small Business Marketing Strategist
@itairave Does it allow us to push Instagram content to other social networks? Or embed on our sites? I'm not quite clear on what it does by your description.
Itai RavehMaker@itairave · Director of Product @Yotpo
@growmap Great question Gail. You can distribute the content to social networks as organic posts, or use our Ads solution to create Ads for Facebook and Instagram. You can also display the content on-site with a variety of on-site widgets. Hope this helps - check out https://www.yotpo.com/curation/ for more info.
Eren Mckay@erenmckay · Social Media Strategist, On Page SEO
I would love to know how to automate getting permission from the user to use their photos on the business website. This is a truly great idea and I know it makes a huge difference in the R.O.I. for companies based on the studies that I've read.
Tomer TagrinMaker@ttagrin · CEO, Yotpo
@erenmckay thats a great question! We built in an entire flow just for that. It is automated and I could not agree more. We have early results from our beta users that are showing very good ROI numbers
Eren Mckay@erenmckay · Social Media Strategist, On Page SEO
@ttagrin that's great news Tomer since this would be my main concern when publishing user generated photos on a business website.
David Leonhardt@amabaie · Presidnet, THGM
@ttagrin @erenmckay That is a really cool idea. It never occurred to me that a tool could make that easier.
Ryan Abrams@ryabrams · Director of Marketing @ InfiniGrow
Yet another great product from the Yotpo crew! I like how you guys understand the power of Instagram for ecommerce businesses and have created a tool for them to help formulate their Instagram social strategy and monetize that channel. Really looks promising!
Itai RavehMaker@itairave · Director of Product @Yotpo
@ryabrams Thanks Ryan!
Yam Regev@yam_regev · Co-Founder, CEO & CMO at Zest.is
Lookin' good, team @Yotpo! I must say that harnessing Instagram's power as an eCommerce sales funnel booster is extremely smart idea!
Arik@ariked · VP Products @Jackpot.com
I love the way you guys @yotpo thinking about UGCommerce ;-)