Your files and snippets shelf

By providing a temporary space for your file- and app-content drags,

Yoink frees up your mouse to let you navigate more freely and comfortably to the destination of your files. Yoink accepts any file from Finder, and app-content from almost any app.

Craig Paterson
Matthew: The Musical
  • Pros: 

    It's just there for when you need it


    None to speak of

    Been using Yoink pretty much since it came out and have it has proved a very useful utility in my day-to-day work. Haven't used it on iOS yet though, as haven't really found the need for it yet, but maybe after the announcements from Apple later today… who knows?

    Craig Paterson has used this product for one year.
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Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
What's new since the last update in Yoink? 😄
Matthias Gansrigler
Matthias GansriglerMaker@eternalstorms · CEO/Developer, Eternal Storms Software
@aaronoleary Hi, Aaron. Yoink recently received Handoff between Mac and iOS, a clipboard history feature and full compatibility with macOS Mojave, including dark/light mode 😃 On the iOS side, there's iCloud sync (Mac-sync will follow later) and *tons* of more new features and improvements
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
I use DragonDrop as my drag'n'shake solution to drop things on a temporary shelf, but since it's no longer maintained, I've often considered switching to Yoink. I also use Paste and Paste for iOS for cross-device clipboard sharing and Alfred 3 for managing text snippets... Yoink 3.0 (with both Mac and iOS apps) is a really promising release with Handoff and iCloud sync making me wonder if it's time to try something new!
Eric K
Eric K@eric_url · Product Manager
Great app 👌🏾
Julian Baker
Julian Baker@julianbaker
I have been using Yoink since I first switched to macOS back in 2011. Highly recommend it. It is always one of the first things I install on a new computer.
J. Alexander Curtis
J. Alexander Curtis@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
Yoink! is on of those applications that you forget is NOT part of core MacOS. I have been using it for years and love it. I recently wiped my computer to get a fresh start on MacOS Mojave and I had completely forgotten that Yoink was an extra app I had to download. It is just an app that you use everyday but forget that it's still an app. Similar to Alfred, Bartender, or iMessage. This is a good thing. However I have to admit that I didn't realize the new changes had come to iOS with Handoff and I am excited to try those out. For everyone else, this is one of those 'must-have' apps like Bartender that seamless fit into your daily work and improve the core OS.