Yoga Nexus

Beautiful yoga, no subscription

Yoga Nexus is a minimalist yoga app that provides you with a variety of yoga classes to cover all your yoga needs without a subscription fee.
­­­­–­­­­­ No subscriptions, login or account
­­­­–­ 20 hight quality HD videos to cover all your yoga needs
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2 Reviews5.0/5
👋 Hi PH, Yoga Nexus is an easy to use yoga app that provides you with a variety of Yoga classes without a subscription fee. Classes consist of high quality video sessions with easy to follow instructions. First release of the app comes with 20 classes in 4 different sections; 1) Fitness focused, high intensity energizing classes 2) Moderate intensity classes for long stretches and balance exercises 3) Gentle and slow paced classes for relaxation and restoration 4) Collection of yoga salutation for a short full body exercise My plan is to release more classes as I acquire more users. Some Features - No subscription, pay once use forever - No login or account required - 20 hight quality HD videos to cover all your yoga needs (near 5 hours of video) - Play anywhere, anytime after downloading the classes - Suitable for beginners - Easy to fit in busy schedules (classes are between 5-30 minutes) - Great addition to spice up your fitness routine - Clear and concise voice instructions for every class - Android version is on the way too. Please let me know what you think, all feedback is appreciated! PS. If you have questions about the overall process please don't hesitate to reach out. It is a solo-developer project. I designed and developed the app, planned most of the yoga classes, hired the equipment and studio, found the yoga models, teachers and narrator, edit the videos etc.. Along the way, I got help for the studio lighting and yoga classes planning. Also actual posing for the videos are done by lovely models and teachers :) PPS. My first launch on PH, this is exciting!! Did you actually read this long thread? Thank you very much for your time! ❤️ Edits: - fixed typo - added “pay once use forever” - added info about Android version
@geeyam gorgeous app! just went to check it out on ios store and was prompted to pay $4.99 is this correct?
@bellacaballero hey Bella! :) Yes it is correct. I wanted it to be affordable. What do you think?
@bellacaballero also thanks for the compliment, it made my day 😊
Congrats on the launch. App looks beautiful, too bad I can't try it because I'm on Android. I dropped by to tell you - by using words like "without a subscription fee" and not mentioning "one-time fee", you might be leading on readers into thinking that this is a free app. All the best!
@hipreetam93 thanks for the feedback, I will consider it. I can add something along the lines with “pay once use forever”. Android version is on the way too. Cheers!