Yoga by Fitstar

The personalization of Fitstar applied to Yoga

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I was an early adopter of Fitstar and have got many friends/family to join as well. I continue to use it periodically and it continues to get better all the time. The addition of yoga is something I've been personally really excited for since my definition of being "fit" is a pretty holistic one and I've been looking for an easy way to get into yoga for a while now. Fitstar is great for me personally because it solves the core 2 issues I always have with working out: 1. It makes it so easy to work out, I can't make an excuse. (e.g. I can't say "oh I don't feel like driving to the gym") Just walk 2 feet from my computer, press a button and go. "Sure, but lots of apps/DVD's/etc. have done this before...right Ian?" you say...which brings me to #2... 2. It keeps me constantly engaged. It's not a single program. It's not even a bunch of different programs in an app. It's a constantly evolving, learning, and changing, which keeps me constantly engaged. So low barrier to entry and I don't get bored. In case anyone from the team sees this, what was the hardest thing about expanding to do yoga? What was the most surprising thing?
@mmaser, would love to hear about how long you've been working on this product, why Yoga was the next step for @Fitstar, etc.. @jrafferty feel feel to jump in too
Congrats on the launch @mmaser!
This is cool - is Premium&Yoga one subscription?
I like Fitstar a lot, but it doesn't explain very well how it learns / personalises during the app / so I've no idea if it's working or doing anything. I get no sense of achievement or rewards really.. Feel this could better