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📱 Yodel now also available on iOS. One of the most promising services out there helping to unify business telephony.


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  • Jói SigurdssonFounder/CEO, CrankWheel

    Yodel is a great product. It replaced a much more expensive solution for us but is more flexible and reliable.


    The Slack integraiton has sometimes annoyed me, having to go there to start a call for example, but with the iOS app this is being fixed.

    We use Yodel as the customer support hotline for CrankWheel and it is an excellent solution for that.

    Jói Sigurdsson has used this product for one year.


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Thomas Schranz ⛄️Hunter@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
📱 Yodel now also available on iOS. One of the most promising services out there helping to unify business telephony.
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
@__tosh thanks for hunting us!
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
Hi beloved Product Hunt community! It’s great to be back and sharing our latest update at Yodel.io with the community: the Yodel iOS app!! We are super excited since all of our users now have the option to use Yodel from their pocket. The app is supporting CallKit so you can have your phone ring when someone calls your business line. Do business no matter where you’re at. For the people who don’t know Yodel yet, here a short summary: Yodel.io is a business phone solution that is tightly integrated into your favorite tools (Slack, MS Teams and a lot more via Zapier) and helps you to manage your business calls. With speech analysis, we are able to automate calls and only route the most important ones to you and your team. Get a phone number in over 100 countries and try it out. Since we love the Product Hunt community, we give out a special discount of an extended 30 day trial and 30% off for the following 3 months.
Doug Hunter@hunterdoug · Account Manager at CEWComms
@mikeseeh Brilliant stuff, good to see the tech out on IOS - separation of home and business calling is ace for enterprise users on the go!
Chris Buttenham@chrisbuttenham
Congrats @ninayodel and team on the launch 😄 🎉
Nina HödlmayrMaker@ninayodel · ensuring customer happiness @yodeltalk
thanks @chrisbuttenham 🙏
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Very useful for businesses!! Would like this expandIng to other apps !!
Nina HödlmayrMaker@ninayodel · ensuring customer happiness @yodeltalk
thanks @ayush_chandra! We're definitely working on more apps to come out soon 🚀
Emanuele Capparelli@immanuelkapa · 🇮🇹 🚀 ⚙️ 💰 🗺️ 🤖 ⚡
Hey @mikeseeh and all the Yodel people! First of all congrats on the launch 😉 Could you guide me through in a few sentences on what does the app do in addition to the Slack integration? How do the 2 products work together? Thanks!
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
@immanuelkapa many of us wished our phone could ring for calls on our business line and you can easily make and answer calls on the go. This is why we build the iOS app. It works hand in hand with our Slack integration. If you get calls in a channel you can have your phone ring :)
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
… and if you are no Slack user you can finally start using Yodel as a stand alone product without any 3rd party integration!
Emanuele Capparelli@immanuelkapa · 🇮🇹 🚀 ⚙️ 💰 🗺️ 🤖 ⚡
@mikeseeh Makes total sense! So anyone can have a Google Duplex-style assistant, without needing the latest Google Pixel, and for business, am I right?
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
@immanuelkapa yeah like Google Call Screen for your business line … but we have that feature already since last year 😎