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#1 Product of the DayJune 28, 2014
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if this then YO > IFTTT
YO HACKATHON! I caught a few of the hacks via @Noah_L on taptalk. I might swing by later today. Noah - what's the neatest thing you've seen so far?
@rrhoover There was a lot of creativity shown. A few highlights: The "YOaster" - a modified toaster that sends a Yo when the toast is done. Yo for Slack - sends a Yo to the entire team when it's time for a stand-up. Yo Radio - While listening to the radio, you send a Yo to the Yo radio account, and then later on from your computer, you can see what the song was that was playing and all the additional data about the song. So the Yo acts like a bookmark or checkpoint in the day. Lots of other cool ideas too.
It'd be great to have a Yo when you get a traffic spike, too.
Yo!+fedex would be great. Send me "yo", when my package arrives.
Or, Yo! + Football Teams. When my fav. team scores, it send me "yo!"