Yet Another ICO

A trendy ICO generator for fun


YetAnotherICO is, you guessed it, another super exciting, highly credible investment opportunity. Or just a great parody site 🙃.

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13 Reviews5.0/5

It's very funny and parody site shows you examples of unreal projects similar to scam ICOs.

YetAnotherICO allows to you to create random ICO landing pages, share them with friends and make them believe in future of the tech and cryptocurrency world.

It showed me examples of how do not create own crowdsale pages.


Funny and intuitive way to create random ICO landing page and share it between friends and community


There are no cons

Thanks for generator of fake ico, so I can explain my grandma what skam does mean)


No ads, really intresting project


non-unique design of generated ico)

I was laughing as a child!


Yae, It is very close to reality!


Nothing, just a goo joke!