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Wilson Peng
@wilsonpeng8 · Founder At @YesInsights
Thanks tom!!! You rock
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Wilson Peng
@wilsonpeng8 · Founder At @YesInsights
I always get emails from companies asking me for feedback and giving me a link to fill out their survey. I dunno about you guys, but I find it very annoying to goto an external site to fill out a long survey and I never click those links. Because of this, I imagine the completion rate must be very low. So a few buddies and I decided to solve that problem by… See more
Justin Wu
@hackapreneur · Growth Engineer, Cofounder @Vytmn
wilsonpeng8 This is awesome product/concept! Seems simple but effective for emails, intercom messages. I'll have to give this a spin.
Dane Lyons
@duilen · Cofounder, Knowtify.io
Awesome concept! I'm tired of getting these cold requests from companies to spend 30+ minutes filling out a survey with a bunch of boring questions. It just doesn't make me feel like the company values my time which lowers my brand affinity. Just ask me 1 simple question and give me the option to follow up with a comment. Then ask another question once a we… See more
I've known Wilson for quite some time and have been fortunate enough to meet his co-founder Lenny as well via intercom. He's a sales leader, serial entrepreneur, and I'm very excited to see this tool evolve over the next few months. I've already relayed feedback to Lenny and they're 100% receptive and set on making this the next best tool out there. I've a… See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Lots of competition in this space - what differentiates this from the rest?