File your tax return and optimize your taxes and equity

Tech and startup employees with equity can connect financial accounts (e.g. Carta, payroll providers) and YearEnd will show how much tax is owed depending on income, when options are exercised, RSUs converted, or stock sold. You can also file your tax return.
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I'm embarrassed to admit this, but even as someone who had to manage employee option pools as a founder, I never really understood the tax implications of all the various stock compensation package types, including the ones I was managing :-[] This is much needed — option pools are complicated and I would imagine most founders w/o a strong accounting background (so, basically all founders...) similarly don't feel like they can give their employees good tax guidance. "Talk to your accountant" is not sufficient advice to the TurboTax generation. Excited to offer this as a benefit when my current company starts hiring!
Thanks Matt! No need to be embarrassed... I built an equity platform that issues options to hundreds of thousands of employees but I didn't understand the tax impact of exercising my own options! If yearend was available to me back then I could have avoided a LOT of taxes.
@mattwfulton excited to work with you when you're ready to get started 👍
I've been in the equity space for a few years now and it can still be a complicated and confusing topic. Even with my knowledge of how my equity works, YearEnd has made it even easier as they can help file my taxes and take my exercises and other equity into consideration. Sean and Jared are also great to work with, along with their team of smarties. Excited to see where YearEnd grows to!
Thanks Michelle! You're feedback as an early user of YearEnd has been invaluable!
@michelle_williams4 thanks Michelle! ❤️
I only started using Yearend this year, and haven’t had my taxes filed by them yet. However, the platform they have built is unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market. From scenario modeling and document organization to 2 factor auth and Carta integration. Their focus on tech professionals is advantageous, and I’d highly recommend checking them out.
@avastu thanks for giving us a shot and providing such valuable feedback!!
Hi PH! @sean_o_keefe and I built yearend to help startup employees file their tax return with confidence and optimize their equity and taxes. This is a problem we've both experienced first hand. As an early engineer at Carta, I received option grants as part of my comp. I waited too long to exercise those options and was hit with a pretty significant AMT tax bill. I was totally unprepared and unaware of the tax implications and want to help others in similar situations avoid making the same mistakes I did! Prior to yearend, I've always self-filed my taxes with TurboTax or H&R Block but now that equity makes up a portion of my income, I don't feel confident using those products. YearEnd helps take away my anxiety by allowing me to model out and see exactly what I'm going to owe next year. We feel that all tech employees should have access to these modeling tools so they can educate themselves and keep more of what they've earned. That's why we offer yearend for **free** to employees through their employer. We only make money if you decide to file your taxes with us. Check it out and let us know what you think! We'll be around to answer any questions you might have. Thanks!
Just signed up. I've had this problem so many times with companies I've worked with and invested into in the past.
Thanks for checking us out! Our goal is to provide you tools to make it easy to understand your equity and taxes so there are no surprises at tax day.