Waste no more time on the Pitch Decks!
Don't reinvent a wheel: just download the add-in for PowerPoint and get a ready pitch deckbased on a YC advice with a click!
Put data, photos, and logo, select one of the 11 color schemes and let AI do the magic.
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Hey hunters! I hate doing slides, esp., the Pitch Deck. Founders rarely build good pitch decks. However, YCombinator has published a lot of advice on how to make a perfect deck. We trained our bot to do it for you. We added some AI magic to a template so you could focus on what really matters and our robots will adjust the design within one click. Just try and let us know what do you think.
Wtf @tony_urban the slide layouts you use in your plugin is a complete copy&paste from my Pitch Deck Template v.3 (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) How is possible without even reaching out to me first and asking for permission???
@vasylslobodian the slide layouts were purchased on the Evanto and further developed by ourselves. You shall check the license right you give my publishing on Evanto
@vasylslobodian , could you please kindly respond?
@tony_urban This is a pure lie. See my answers below: 1. We do not sell via Envato and there's no similiar template (otherwise, feel free provide the link). 2. On Feb 20 you have purchased Pitch Deck Template v.3 from our website, https://basetemplates.com/( I can provide transaction order issued on your email). Then you guys just brazenly stole our slide layouts (the product) and integrated with your plugin. This is 1) not cool; 2) against our license (https://basetemplates.com/license). 3. "and further developed by ourselves." That's the thing! You didn't even slighly update design and structure, just roughly copy&pasted our slides to your plugin. Shame on you.
@vasylslobodian thanks for the comments. 1. I'll share a bit later a link 2. Even if it would purchased from your website your licence says we can use this for 1 free product. That's what we did, for the record. We've never charged or intended to charge cash for a pitch deck bot. Unlike you we don't think that poor early stage entrepreneurs have to pay for the bot (not even saying about some damn 40 templates which take 4-8h if designer's work) 3. That's simply not true. I'll provide a link with an archive of the slides we've prepared and your initial inputs. We've drown some slides + added notes from YCombinator + created multiple options of each slide (we have 300 slides with 11 colors options out of 40 original slides PURCHASED from you) To sum it up, you sell some PowerPoint slides to starving entrepreneurs and let ppl use it for free products. We made a FREE product to help the community, not make a few hundred bucks on them. And now I see these ridiculous complaints. This is madness
Right on time! Would love to give it a try.
@dimadewinn Thanks a lot! please let us know if you have any comments
Wow! Can't wait to try, I'm actually going to raise a round :)
@puertaosorio please try =)
This one shall work.
@ronaldmc it will ;) thanks!