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Yatter is an app that takes a community based approach to scheduling social media. Users can schedule interaction, share media and chat with one other.

This helps you save time managing social media.

Yatter is free for charities and good causes. To tie in with our launch on Product Hunt we're offering lifetime access to the platform for $79.99.

  • Alan Walker
    Alan WalkerTalent & Employer Brand Leader

    Excellent tool. Scheduling posts, scheduling activity, curating content and supporting partners - it's got all you need.


    The UI is OK, but sometimes I find myself getting lost. That said, I'm an early adopter - and I have upmost confidence in the Yatter team!

    I'm an early adopter, a vociferous social media user and someone who needs to keep organised. I also have a lot of friends/partners I like to support.

    Yatter helps me do all of these things, and more.

    Alan Walker has used this product for one month.
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  • Samantha Marshall
    Samantha MarshallDirector, Network Develop Succeed

    Collaborative scheduling. Know what others are saying socially before it is published. Never miss content


    Unable to batch load, but the reason for this is explained as keeping the social in Social Media

    I have been using Yatter since July 2017 - I was one of the early adopters. I have found the training given by Richard and Colin to be excellent and the platform itself meets my needs. I have forged relationships with others that I would otherwise not have met and we comment and retweet each other's work. I also run a twitter hour. The backbone of this hour is shoutouts to certain accounts, thanks and highlighting accounts. Yatter allows me to schedule this in advance so that during the hour I can concentrate on retweeting the messages from the users, I can facilitate conversation and I can be seen. I used to be a Hootsuite fan, but since I have found Yatter, I have dumped HS. Try it out for yourself!

    Samantha Marshall has used this product for one year.
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Richard Norman
Richard NormanMaker@richard_norman · Software Architect
Hey PH, Richard from Yatter. I'm really proud to bring Yatter to the Product Hunt community. We have been building a friendly group of Beta users here in Scotland and this is the first time we have really welcomed the wider tech community onto the platform. It’s still early days for us and we hope to be able to provide more features as we grow. We expect to extend to other platforms and also improve our integrations with Facebook and LinkedIn. We are fully functional on Twitter. If you have any feedback the makers would love to hear it. Thanks for all the support and we hope you enjoy the collaborative scheduling experience.
Colin Adam
Colin AdamMaker@futurecolin · Marketing Director, Yatter
@richard_norman This has been some experience. Thrilled that we're finally on PH!
Chris Carson
Chris CarsonMaker@christophanon · Junior Software developer
@richard_norman @futurecolin yeah it's about time! :)
Samantha Marshall
Samantha Marshall@ambersam94 · Director, Network Develop Succeed
@richard_norman Ooooohhh!!! Am I a BETA user - How very exciting!!! I knew very little about tech till I met you.
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via EasyLeadz.com
@richard_norman Product seems promising.Tried it today Few thoughts if you do B2B : Target companies that are actively hiring for social media managers since these are the ones who will be spending money on this function and are more likely to buy a software to aid their process. Similarly you could also focus on startups that have recently raised funds (they would be willing to spend money on it to increase their digital presence )
GRANT☁️@grantmac_ · neu.studio
Well done guys! I'm wondering, what's the problem that the scheduled likes/retweets/etc is solving? I don't see those actions as being as time sensitive as publishing content - but interested on your take!
Richard Norman
Richard NormanMaker@richard_norman · Software Architect
@grantmac_ we find that small businesses especially struggle to maintain an active feed. For them it's just the activity of reminding their regular customers that they still exist. That doesn't have to be something about them. Curation is often a good solution. It's different from a content creator's perspective. Scheduling only really works for something that requires a build up and is in the future. Social media should be spontaneous. Yatter can be there to help fill in the gaps when you can't be.
Ashley Ashbee
Ashley Ashbee@ashley_ashbee · Freelance Communications Consultant
@grantmac_ 1. It can be very time sensitive if you want your Retweet to be seen when the Tweet has just been posted. That means more eyes are likely to see your Retweet. On Twitter you grow largely through people discovering you via your engagements with Tweets, so the earlier the better. Also, there are a number of ways people can be notified that someone has Retweeted something, so Retweeting at a specific time can maximize your opportunities for people to discover such a notification. 2. It's super handy to not have to stop what you are doing to see what people have just Tweeted and engage with it promptly. It's much more efficient to do a lot of your Retweets in one visit (to Yatter), rather than having to manually do it periodically. 3. It could also be super helpful if you develop partnerships with other Yatter users, like if you are cross-promoting content. You can ensure that you've engaged with each other's content pronto. This could be super handy if you're promoting something of mutual benefit.
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey makers! What has been the most difficult part of building this app?
Richard Norman
Richard NormanMaker@richard_norman · Software Architect
@jacqvon without question building for a community. Designing software for a single user is one thing but designing something that has to browse and offer users a choice is another level. Its one of the hidden lessons of software development. I am absolutely sure we still don't have it right. I don't think we will ever have it perfect.
Samantha Marshall
Samantha Marshall@ambersam94 · Director, Network Develop Succeed
@jacqvon @richard_norman I have to say, as an early adopter of this platform, that when I have gone back to ask for a change here and there, the developers have been very responsive and either enacted that change, or explained to me (in non-technical terms) why that change could not be put in place. I am delighted with the platform and the service I receive.
Tom Cowling
Tom Cowling@tomfinds1988 · Engineer - Research & Data Mining
Hey guys, congrats on the launch! What sets you apart from the dozens of other social media schedulers? Do you feel there is any room left for disruption in this space?
Richard Norman
Richard NormanMaker@richard_norman · Software Architect
@tomfinds1988 it really is a crowded market. Much more crowded than when we first set out on this journey 2 years ago. The unique feature for our platform is the multi user aspect. You are scheduling with other people. Being able to easily access their approved imaging and links makes it easier to be supportive. We certainly hope there is some space in this market. We have not had any investment so far and work on a LEAN approach so we hope we can be competitive. How disruptive do we have to be?
Seth Goldstein
Seth Goldstein@sethgoldstein · Man About The Internets
I've been using it for the past few months and can't live without it. It's a must have for social media marketing.
Richard Norman
Richard NormanMaker@richard_norman · Software Architect
@sethgoldstein thanks for being one of the early users Seth. Having someone in a different timezone to test the global timings has been essential. Thanks for your feedback.