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The only way to manage social media collaborations


Yatter is an app that takes a community based approach to scheduling social media. Users can schedule interaction, share media and chat with one other.

This helps you save time managing social media.

Yatter is free for charities and good causes. To tie in with our launch on Product Hunt we're offering lifetime access to the platform for $79.99.

Would you recommend this product?
Talent & Employer Brand Leader

I'm an early adopter, a vociferous social media user and someone who needs to keep organised. I also have a lot of friends/partners I like to support.

Yatter helps me do all of these things, and more.


Excellent tool. Scheduling posts, scheduling activity, curating content and supporting partners - it's got all you need.


The UI is OK, but sometimes I find myself getting lost. That said, I'm an early adopter - and I have upmost confidence in the Yatter team!

Software Architect
Thanks for taking the time to come and try the product Alan. It's early days for us and any feedback is highly valued.
Director, Network Develop Succeed

I have been using Yatter since July 2017 - I was one of the early adopters. I have found the training given by Richard and Colin to be excellent and the platform itself meets my needs. I have forged relationships with others that I would otherwise not have met and we comment and retweet each other's work. I also run a twitter hour. The backbone of this hour is shoutouts to certain accounts, thanks and highlighting accounts. Yatter allows me to schedule this in advance so that during the hour I can concentrate on retweeting the messages from the users, I can facilitate conversation and I can be seen. I used to be a Hootsuite fan, but since I have found Yatter, I have dumped HS. Try it out for yourself!


Collaborative scheduling. Know what others are saying socially before it is published. Never miss content


Unable to batch load, but the reason for this is explained as keeping the social in Social Media

Director, Contact Online Ltd

I like the company and the attitude towards their customers and what they want to do with the platform. I've been lucky enough to get to know the company and the staff a little and I'm always impressed with how hard they work to improve the system.

I'm excited to see this platform grow, so give it a chance and try it out at least. Also reach out to the Yatter team on social as they love feedback, that's what makes the platform improve over time.


Quick to add scheduled posts, scheduling future interaction, seeing partners posts ahead of time, good overview of scheduled posts


UI needs to be tweaked, just a little though, it's really nothing that will get in the way of you using it day in day out.


love Yatter's customer service, commitment to excellence, can do attitude and willingness to listen. Brilliant company, excellent product and so much talent


allows partners to interact with each others pets BEFORE they appear on social media. I can work iwhenever and schedule 21 days ahead!


Takes a little bit of getting used to but is easy once you know how.

ICT and Digital Developer - MCR Pathways

Yatter has been a very useful tool for my organisation. It has allowed us to grow our online presence as well as expand our community and contacts. Having previously used similar products I would gladly recommend Yatter as we have experienced better results from a platform that is much easier to use.


Superb tool. Excellent support from a highly skilled team. Great for forward planning and collaboration.


Couple of early bugs but all quickly rectified by the Yatter team.

CEO at The Startp Race

The guys are really motivated to build something to help us and are really talented so I am sure this will do really well.


The main premise of collabourating with others to increase impact and virality is a no brainer. Nobody else has bult a platform to do this


I need to get my social media team using it


Simple but effective idea!


Easy to use and great support available


Had an issue with cover images but was quickly resolved

Engineer - Research & Data Mining

I thought I'd read the reviews before signing up. I noticed some patterns in their Facebook reviews… No reviews for months at a time and then 4 reviews on the same day… all within 35 minutes. So I did a little research.

Facebook Reviews

Peter Carmichael - 13/09/2017 05:10 - Fake account?

Robert Hamilton - 12/10/2017 01:01 - Could be real.

Grantus Maximus - 22/12/2017 07:50 - Fake account?

** Here is where it gets interesting **

Matthew Ross - 01/02/2018 05:38 - Fake account?

Gordon Alexander MacPherson - 01/02/2018 05:53 - Fake account?

Jimmy Monteith - 01/02/2018 06:02 - Fake account?

Robert Munro - 01/02/2018 06:13 - Fake account?

** End of fake looking reviews **

Greg Friel - 09/05/2018 15:41 - Real.

Google Reviews

Liam McCann - 4 months ago - Real.

Peter Carmichael - 7 months ago - Fake account? Same persona as FB.

Gordon MacPherson - 4 months ago - Fake account? 10 Reviews total, 8 of which look to be on the same day.

Simon Robb - 10 months ago - Real.

Product Hunt

Upcoming page had around 30,000 subscribers - yet the neighbouring pages all had between 50 and 200 subscribers, why is their number so high?

The fake reviews make me question what other grey practices they’re using, I'd consider sticking with a reputable name such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Pilot or any of the other established products that do the same thing in a saturated social media market.

I’m keeping my API keys away from these guys.

How long before they start using customers social media accounts for their own gains?


If the user reviews on here are real, they look promising.


Grey area business practices are off putting.

Freelance Communications Consultant
There are loads of factors that can contribute to an influx of reviews, including marketing and networking. That alone shouldn't make you suspicious. You can't engage with content before it's live on Buffer or Hootsuite. It's not the same type of product at all.
Freelance Communications Consultant

I've been looking for a tool like this for a while. I feel so ahead of the game and extra strategic because I can time things like Retweeting something without having to drop everything to do it when the time is right.


Great way to schedule my content marketing and reduce disruptions for time sensitive engagements.


Navigating through the site is a bit difficult.

Consultant, Christopher McPhillips Comms

Having a tool the make social scheduling easier is a gift to people that work in my space.

No not MySpace but if Viant Technology wanted to do something worth while with the "Great Grandfather" of Social Media they would be wise to take some tips from Richard and his team at Yatter Social.

I mean it's a gift for people that work in social media management or consulting. We spend our days showing people and companies how to use social media and how to be smart with it. Using Yatter is the smartest thing I have ever done as I can now handle more work and further demonstrate the good in social media.

I have used this product for months now and I'm not turning back.


Simple to use on several platforms. It can't be overworked and it's fresh.


Re-authorising profiles and pages could be extended to say every 90 days, but I am splitting hairs here.