Yappes 4.0

Build, manage and distribute your APIs in one place 🛠️

Yappes is an Unified API Platform that allows Developers and Providers to build their APIs from scratch. Our users can design, develop, test, and release a production ready API for distribution all on the Yappes platform.

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Hello PH Community/Developers, After months of iteration “All New Yappes 3.0 — Build. Manage. Distribute APIs”(www.yappes.com) is launched😀😀!! Enabling users(developers) to Build, Manage and Distribute APIs quickly on a reliable and secure platform. Yappes provides the flexibility for the developers/providers to write their own business logic and connect with their remote data silos for the API’s. Using our platform developers or providers can distribute and commercial their APIs through Yappes marketplace. Please try our product and share your feedback!!
This looks cool! I recently made my API available on Mashape, how is this different?
@philip_kallberg Hi Philip, Thanks for your feedback !! In our platform Marketplace is only one part of distribution component. Our main focus is how quickly & efficiently you can build your API(secure & reliable) encompossing your business process & data and make it production ready. Also you can make those production ready API available to developers/consumers through our marketplace which is portable to others as well. For the users who already have an API, the advantage to onboard your API in our platform apart from the marketplace visibility is easibility to extend your functionalities/API(as new API) using our Build functions which makes it efficient to handle the three core part of API Lifecycle Build-Manage-Distribute in one platform.