Yahoo Livetext

Live video texting, without sound

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I've been using this product for a while now while it has been private. It's incredible how it feels to chat with someone and actually see them, regardless of what they are doing. If you are on a product team and are responsible for creating new products, it's definately worth trying out Yahoo Livetext with someone whom you care about. The experience actually feels magical. Lots to learn from what they've created. Kudos to the team!
Was skeptical at first but now pretty into this. This morning I caught up with a friend on his way to work and then introduced my kids to another friend and his kid. The no voice seems to reduce barrier to entry. Like lots of people these days I avoid phone calls like the plague, and even though this is synchronous the limitations make it feel less demanding. Feels like it requires less cognitive overhead than talking to people. Livetexts so far have been short and sweet and made me smile. Will be playing with it a while. Add me! MackFlavelle
I love the feeling of live. So much on our phones is distracted time. With LiveText you truly have to be with the other person realtime. they know if you are looking away. And you can make funny faces at each other.
I'm excited to see this out and live. Have watched this quickly evolve from an idea to a product and nice to see this widely released. Congrats to the @yahoo team working on this.
The former MessageMe (RIP) team that Yahoo acquired nearly a year ago, is behind this. I've had the pleasure of playing with the beta early on and was initially skeptical that audio-less video was a big enough differentiator from all the other mobile messaging apps. And tbh, I'm still unsure. I personally avoid synchronous communication and often ignore the "blue button" Snapchat video chat. That said, I'm probably not the target audience for Livetext. Where did the idea for Livetext come from, @arjunsethi? P.S. say hi! 😁
@rrhoover Ryan, i scooped livetext about a week ago on PH. is there any reason this was removed?
@ourielohayon you're quick. 😊 At the time, it was only available in a few geographies (e.g. New Zealand). Featuring it on the homepage would lead to disappointment to those outside those regions.
@rrhoover damn. maybe find a way to 1. inform submitters why this is not featured 2. maybe (i say maybe) find a way to still credit the attribution to early submitters. my 2 cents :)
@rrhoover well we got totally blindsided by this, but it's nice to get validation: we were in the middle of a stealth launch of our own silent video chat app, Low, when news of Livetext was broken by TC. Currently waiting for Apple to approve a less buggy version, but would love you to try it out Ryan πŸ‘‰