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#2 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2020
Traditional calls and meetings monopolize your time and require endless scheduling. Yac is personal, asynchronous communication built for remote teams.
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Hey everyone, we are super excited to FINALLY launch Yac out of Early Access. It's been a long year for us, heads down, focused on the product, but with the recent events, we feel it's time we let everyone experience what Yac can do for their team. Here's a couple of ways it's changed our lives. 📵No more meetings or phone calls. We do all our voice communication async now. ⏳We respect each other's time more now and let people have their time to focus. ✅There are a lot less ambiguous tasks and feedback now. Voice + Media is killer. 📱We don't feel so tied down to our laptops anymore. The mobile app was a great addition. ❤️Our team is building stronger personal connections and emotions are kept in check. For everyone that has been involved in our Early Access program, you've locked in 50% off our Pro plan. For everyone else, we are going to give you 3 months free so you can experience everything Yac has to offer, and we've removed all the retention and messaging limits on the free plan too. If we're all going to be working from home, we might as well be doing it right. We have a brand new desktop app that's literally hours from release. If you'd like to try that version of the app, just fill out this form and we'll send you an advance copy. Anyone who's already in the Early Access program and knows what the current desktop app is like, I'm super excited to share this one with you. It's amazing. https://yac.com/desktop-beta We wouldn't be here without Product Hunt so we are excited for this to be the first place we announce our new domain at Yac.com as well as our completely redesigned brand. Please let us know what you think in the comments, and look out later today for a few giveaways featuring lifetime Yac Pro licenses and Airpods Pro! P.S. Our very first Pro feature is Private Teams. You'll see it pop up in your dashboards this week. A common request from our power users the ability to invite clients or customers they needed to talk to, but they didn't want to see each other. Private teams are great for Clients, Departments, or Freelancers.
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@jmitch Just curious, how is this different from Voxer, which has been around for several years?
@jmitch @arosenfee Hey Alex, appreciate you reaching out! I used to love Voxer when it first took off! People who make the switch tell us that Yac is more reliable, better speed controls, and prefer the UI/UX. I’m currently working on a comparison page I’d love to share with you as soon as it’s ready to dive even deeper!
@jmitch @huntermoonshot Thanks, Hunter. Yes, I'd be very curious to see the comparison page. Have you guys considered integrating into Slack, too? It would be great to have asynchronous voice message capabilities within Slack and they clearly have dropped the ball on building it themselves. This is one company that I'm aware of...https://d.pr/rLtWcL.
@jmitch @arosenfee Yes! We will have the integration by mid April! Voice messaging is catching fire in enterprise so we’re hoping to work closely with folks like Slack to make the transition seamless 😄
@jmitch @huntermoonshot That's great news. Can't wait to try out the integration.
Super excited to finally share this special moment with the Product Hunt community! It's been a long time coming, but it is officially available for download. Our team has worked relentlessly over the last year to make it be the best possible. So far we have seen folks use Yac to - 1. Stay out of meetings - Teams are cutting down drastically on meeting time. Instead of wasting time on phone calls all day, people are actually getting work done. 2. Collaborate across different time zones - It's no secret teams have spread across all different continents and time zones these days. Finding common time for a phone call can be hard. Why not just do it asynchronously and not waste time trying to schedule a call? 3. Invite LESS noise into their team - Given the nature of current tools and chat apps it's very easy to get carried away and spam 200+ messages in an instant. Frankly, that's just the nature of text. However, when using voice, folks tend to be more thoughtful bringing a sense of calm back to their team. I could go on forever, but I'll stop there. Thank you all and to the PH team for all the love! We've been looking forward to this day for a while and it's finally here. Surreal. Let us know what you think and feel free to add me to your Yac team with jordan@yac.chat
@yac @jordvnlwalker Just curious, how is this different from Voxer, which has been around for several years?
I’ve been following Yac for awhile and really excited to see where the product goes. It’s a great time to be in remote work this will empower a lot of remote teams to work better
@noahmakes Thanks man! Stoked to have your support.
@noahmakes thanks for all of your support, Noah. Hope you and your newborn daughter are happy and healthy ❤️
As a Product Manager working with a team of 50+ distributed individuals, I had to take a lot of calls. Yac reduced around 90% of the calls we were taking as a team and have resulted in more productivity in each department. Congrats on building one of my favorite remote tools, @jmitch @jordvnlwalker @huntermoonshot 💛
@jmitch @jordvnlwalker @parasharanmol incredible. Glad to see you’re finding Yac helpful!
Congratulations on the launch! The re-design is looking sharp 😍
@calum Thank you!
@calum ha thanks! Appreciate that