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xZeitgeist is the best way to find breakout social content. We have created a tool that categorizes and ranks tweets, making it easy for new-age media companies to discover the viral content that they can share with their audience.

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Hey Product Hunt! xZeitgeist is a tool that finds the most popular tweets and then categorizes and ranks them. We have built the site with new-aged media companies in mind as a way to help them more quickly and easily find viral content that they can share. This is an underreported but massive trend. I write much more about this in my Medium post: https://medium.com/@jgcatalano/c... Product Hunters can get 50% off their first three months of xZeitgiest by using the code "producthunt" at checkout 🥳 Questions? Leave a comment or shoot me an email (jacob@xzeitgeist.com) 🙂 Jacob
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Hi @jgcatalano! This is really cool and I'm excited to play around with it. One piece of feedback: When I went to sign up it prompted me to enter my credit card info but wasn't clear how much the subscription costs. I personally would also prefer a free trial to see if this is useful before subscribing. What gap are you specifically looking to fill in helping digital media companies find viral content? There are a lot of tools out there trying to do this.
@taylormajewski Hey! Thanks for the feedback, that is our bad. We will fix that flow - we were expecting most people would use the upgrade button (if you use that button the price is shown), rather than the sign up button to sign up (typing that I realize how that might not have been the smartest idea 🤦‍♂️). Will fix it! But to answer your question it cost $99/month and we have a 7 day free trail. We think we offer a unique solution that identifies the most popular tweets from more than 100 categories, every day. It's a helpful tool for brands that like to repost viral tweet on their other social platforms.
Thanks for the early peek the other day! A couple questions based on what I've seen so far: - Are you planning on adding tools incorporate more than just Twitter? Or do you think Twitter is all you need to truely solve that core problem of finding the best content? - Are users able to create/share their own categories? Or edit/recommend to existing categories? - Do you forsee any opportunities to recommend new categories to subscribe to, or individual pieces of content, based on user activity?
@turnernovak 1. Right now we are just focusing on Twitter, but in the future, we will be building more tools that will help our customers discover, create and share great content. 2. Not directly on the site. But we try to keep in close contact with our customers and add new categories that they need. 3. Love the idea of recommending content. That is something we are thinking about how we might do.
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xZeitgeist makes finding great twitter content to repost and use super easy. I always want to grow my twitter account and post/repost great content but time is a limiting factor. This seems like it will really help me solve this.

Looking forward to diving more into this tool.


Great product for finding new Tweets! Creating content is hard so this will be super valuable.


None so far