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Find High quality expired domains within minutes. Gone are the days where you have to wait hours and hours to crawl a single website.
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@kjosephabraham Thank You for listing our SAAS tool on Product hunt. Just wanted to put some information about Xpired. what is Xpired ? Xpired is one of the World’s fastest expired domain finder and it is cloud based. If you understand the Importance of SEO then you would definitely know how important link juice is. With Xpired you can find expired domains which have backlinks from authority sites and you can use it for backlinks. Also, you can use these expired domains as your blog or you can flip these domains. Xpired is not a typical software. With its amazing user interface you can find hundreds of expired domains within few minutes. How it is different From its competitor ? 1. Xpired is Fastest Cloud Base Expired Domain Finder with friendly UI. 2. Xpired Can Find Expired Content. 3. Xpired can find Expired web 2.0. 4. Xpired can find Keyword Related Expired Domain. 5. With Xpired you don't have to check manually whether the domain is available or not. It will only show available Domains. 6. With Xpired you can manage your expired domains and hostings. You will get Email Notifications of Expiring Domains & Hosting. 7. We have Introduced referring domains feature : With this feature you can get High Quality expired domains which have backlinks from authority sites. ( This feature is in no other crawler as of now ) And Many More Features !
I was searching for expired domains and I came across this tool, thought it was worth sharing on product hunt for the community.
@kjosephabraham thanks for hunting this.. i am also loving this tool
Great tool for all the newbies out there who want to find expired domains and have no knowledge of it what so ever. This tool is a gem for them just enter domains and get the best expired domains with authority in no time.. thats something i did not see in any of the tool till date. Superb Tool!
How does it work though? Bought credits, but no features seem to be working, I only get an error or "no results". Seems scammy to me.
@inevrela are you putting authority website? The domain should have some links passed to another website, only then Xpired can crawl the website. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. We have website chat support happy to help you over there. Here is an tutorial :
junk product
@aum_pat Can I know why ? It will help us alot.