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This is rad. Great course to get you going with Xcode. I really believe that you need to understand Xcode and the iOS frameworks if you're designing iPhone and iPad apps. iOS design is now tied more than ever to actual development, and this is especially so with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus devices and the challenges of designing adaptive layouts. I've had a quick dig in, and the course looks like it is really well put together. There's a huge amount of content here… Many, many videos, playgrounds, sample code, and the content navigation is clear and easy to get around. Looking forward to the Autolayout tutorials. Bought!
@davidkmckinney grateful for the support, David! You hit the nail right on the head re: understanding the materials that comprise iOS. The design and dev process is bleeding together so much these days that staying in the dark as a designer just isn't an option anymore.
@davidkmckinney Thanks for the support David! I totally agree with you - since getting into swift and iOS development, I've really gained a lot of understanding for the whole process and it's definitely improved my abilities as a UI/UX designer.
Hey everyone, happy to answer any questions you might have. @chrisslowik and I are designers, and we wanted a clear-cut course to learn how to build native iOS apps in Xcode. So if you’re a designer and you want to learn how to build native iOS apps, this is your dream come true. In less than a week, you'll be fluent in the basics of Swift, Playgrounds, Interface Builder, Storyboards, getting your app designs into Xcode, creating custom native animations and UI elements, and importing dynamic external data via APIs. It's got 23 videos (and counting), all of the assets of a weather app you’ll build, and accompanying text and image instructions if you learn best by reading. Plus, we have all of the Playgrounds and Xcode files every step of the way in case you get stuck. We’re in the process of adding three more lessons, as well: Auto Layout, animations, and storing persistent data. It’s online-based, but you can download any video and watch it offline. Even better news: this 40% off deal is good forever for the Product Hunt community!
@scotthurff Was just wondering if there's something similar for Android too. Perhaps you could point me to some resource?
@sahilk hey Sahil, the closest I've found is something like http://teamtreehouse.com/library...
@scotthurff Hey man, I think I'm gonna do it. I've always wanted to. So why not! I was wondering, did you build the system behind the site yourself? Wordpress? Something else? I'm really curious.
@scotthurff Thanks a bunch! Going to give your free lesson a spin as well tomorrow. Particularly interested in the animations video that you guys are working on. Good stuff! :)
@Jonnotie thanks for your support, Jonno! Re: the system — no, we're running it on a CSS-customized version of Fedora (http://usefedora.com). @ankurnagpal (CEO, Founder) has been working with me on getting this exactly how we wanted it. We literally couldn't have done it without him and the team. Fantastic support and great product.
I think my partner (wife) might do the course, so thanks. She does all of her design in photoshop/illustrator and then passes it on to our programmer. So getting her more native would be good. Thanks for the offer discount.
Bought the class. Fantastic work.
@sal_matteis Sal, you're awesome. Thank you for supporting us.
@sal_matteis Thanks Sal! Enjoy the course
Why aren't we getting the updates on the remaining chapters..?