X Cloud Vision

Your original, carefully crafted sliding webcam cover

Webcam spying is a growing issue that can threaten your privacy. The solution is quite simple: plenty of documented webcam hacking incidents could have been easily avoided by a simple webcam cover. Our elegant and practical webcam cover serves as the perfect alternative to that ugly sticker or post-it note on your laptop, tablet or desktop.

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1 Review5.0/5
How thick it is? Will MacBook fully close with it?
@levchenkod it's the thinnest we could possibly make it. No users have reported issues about this matter. It's a carefully built, high quality item made by Internxt.
Boom! Just ordered mine —definitely an upgrade from my half torn blue sticky note 😂👍🏼
@antonio_dmya shopped! let us know how it turns out :)
Is it not a bit excessive to charge $10 for something that can be bought for less than a dollar on eBay?