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An AI scheduling assistant in Slack

Hi there. Me and my friends spent the past four years building our AI scheduling to remove the pain of scheduling meetings. Today, we moved a tad closer to that reality as you can now summon Amy + Andrew on Slack as well as via email. I think it is pretty awesome, but then again, I am also pretty biased :-)

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Thank you, it's nice to have something I actual trust in Slack. I always know Amy will do the job and now that it keeps me in a single platform, it's even better. I really appreciate the effort everyone.

All the amazing features of x.ai, but not in your inbox. I get to stay in slack and use a tool that accurately sets up meetings, painlessly.

It's weird at first but once you realize it's just /amy instead of @amy (or andrew) than it makes more sense. You simply ask to book and can tag people and it ends up on your calendar without being a hack.


Painless, All-in-Slack, & Hack Free


I can give it to everyone

I LOVE X.AI TO IT'S CORE. Have been using it since the very beginning, and have setup hundreds of meetings with it. As a busy startup CEO, it really helps me clear out my inbox, now that I can use it in Slack it's even better.

Support team is top notch too. This is the future of business.


Such an amazing time saver.


Older people get freaked out.

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I recently created an article and video tutorial showing how to use Amy with your CRM, calendar, and automation tools to get the most value from Amy and cure some of those Cons I mentioned.

Here is a link to the article & video tutorial:



Saves time, avoids confusions, and quickly schedules meetings.


Amy lacks a few features like meeting reminders and integrations with conferencing platforms