x.ai for Teams

Scale your business with the help of AI for $39/user/month

AI scheduled meetings for smarter work days. The future is here.

Amy and Andrew sync with all internal calendars and automatically set up meetings without any back and forth. Give Amy and Andrew their own company email addresses, customize their signature, and formally welcome them to your team.

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I've been a fan of this team since beta. This has been my most important business app outside of Google's G Suite. Looking forward to trying out the biz edition.
Alexandre Mouriec
Full Stack Developer
X.ai just launched their personal assistant, now for your business thanks to the Business Edition. You are now able to use x.ai with your team and even your entire company. You can have access to an admin dashboard to see your team activity and see data like how you are more productive thanks to Amy and/or Andrew. A great feature Slack introduced is also available in x.ai : Fair Billing. You won't pay if you don't use x.ai :) From the blogpost : "This edition also lets companies operate x.ai’s agents on their own domain. And team members can now fully customize and brand their AI assistant’s signature." The AI is even better but for that I will let the x.ai team tell you or go read their blogpost.
Ry Walker
CEO, Astronomer
x.ai sets 10+ meetings for me each week. Absolutely love it!
Neil Parikh
Co-founder, Casper
Can it book meeting rooms for you?
@neilparikh Not quite yet but something we are certainly going to do in the future :)