X.AI Chrome Extension

AI meeting scheduling assistant inside chrome

The x.ai Chrome Extension gives you immediate access to all of your meetings from anywhere, whether past, present, or future. In addition, it enables you to insert your scheduling links directly in Gmail's compose window.
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We help people schedule their meetings. Whether that be through a shareable calendar page, a slash command or by emailing or slacking (is that a word) our agents Amy or Andrew. On that note, we are launching a NEW chrome extension which provides easy access to your fixed meeting type URL and their slash commands, say: https://x.ai/calendar/dennis/200... https://x.ai/calendar/dennis/zoom .. and be nice, before you spam me with requests ;-) BUT it also provides easy access to your slash commands, say: "Amy, set up a chat with Chris on /200broadway please" "Amy, set up a /zoom call with the folks from the Samsung team" I encourage you to install it (I could be biased of course) - and if you are not part of the family yet, we run a NO CC two-week trial :) * This comes along with the ability to see and take action on any other ad-hoc meetings Amy and Andrew might be negotiating as well of course.
@hasan_diwan Yip. Senior PM is high on the list and, of course, awesome engineers are always welcome! :-)