x.ai 2.0

AI scheduling across your workflow

x.ai’s scheduling software is expanding beyond AI assistants Amy + Andrew to span your entire workflow and solve the hassle of setting up meetings. We’re adding personalized calendar links, conference room booking, integrations with Zoom, Slack, & more—all drawing on an AI engine tuned to your preferences. Starting at $8/month.

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35 Reviews5.0/5

I've been using Amy and Andrew to schedule meetings for over a year and the service represents the best of the promise of AI in business workflow - eliminating chores so we can do human stuff. When I need to meet with somebody, I hand scheduling over to Andrew and he's working on it while I do other stuff.

Using an assistant also re-empowers you with how you spend your time. It seems most modern workplaces put people in the position of being subservient to their calendar system; if somebody has access to your calendar, they own your time. Amy and Andrew work for YOU, so you can set preferences for when you prefer to meet, make phone calls, etc, and you can protect other time that is important to you, such as time for uninterrupted focus.

I love the price drop—I can unreservedly bring on everyone on my team. I also like the changes that have reduced turns in the conversation on BOTH sides, so that using Amy and Andrew should also be easier on your guest than manual email ping-pong.

x.ai isn't a fully realized vision—sometimes those email threads still fall apart— but it already beats the old way and the product is backed by a solid team that relentlessly improves every step of the workflow and experience. They've come a long way, and 2.0 represents a big achievement that we can enjoy as customers.


Amy and Andrew are good where I'm not; staying on the ball until the meeting gets scheduled— a shortcut for setting up meetings.


The social aspect of handing off this task to an AI takes a little learning—read the excellent blogs and FAQs from x.ai

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Hi there, Dennis from x.ai here. It’s been two years and change since we first launched x.ai, and we remain dedicated to making the best damn scheduling software out there. We’ve increased the accuracy of Amy and Andrew dramatically, reduced the response speed to minutes, but we’ve also learned quite a bit and made some adjustments to our original vision—changes we think you’ll love. We’ve learned that the conversational UI isn’t a panacea, so we’ve added many more options for scheduling wherever you’re working, including web calendar pages (which I thought I would never do), reschedule buttons on your calendar events, and plenty of other touch points. We’ve also added way more transparency and control at every scheduling step. You are the boss after all! :-) And with integrations with Slack, Zoom, Greenhouse, Salesforce, etc we now truly work across your workflow. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!
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@dennismortensen amazing! So what is the balance between conversation and UI widgets? How much is handled by automated AI versus humans-in-the-loop? Inquiring minds want to know!
@chrismessina Hey Chris. We stopped using human-in-the-loop as part of the process on January 16th 2017, which to be honest, was a bit too early and we delivered some sub-optimal responses (well, only the brave). BUT we've really nailed the machine end of the challenge over the last 20 months, which is why the NEW x.ai delivers responses in minutes and at high accuracy. On the mix of UI's, I am not sure I yet know what the best balance might be, but I've certainly found out that providing choice, control and transparency to the guest (and host) in any meeting is paramount. So if you, as a guest, want to reply back to Amy about a meeting you can do so: a) by using natural language and as a response to the email b) by e.g. clicking "pick a time" and find yourself on a webpage picking time c) by connecting your calendar and Amy will go look for herself. Best of all worlds (in a biased closing statement) :-)
Can't wait to try all the new stuff! :) Great work guys!
@lassekalkar Thanks Lasse! Amy @xdotai FTW :)
@lassekalkar Let us know if you have any questions about our new features and I’ll follow up! A lot has changed!
Massive fan of x.ai. Been calling on Amy since the very very early days, and the system has only gotten better and better with time.
@itsthisjustin Hey Justin. Really appreciate the shout-out and super happy to hear that you actively feel the increase in product quality as we keep pushing stuff to production. Onward! :-)
Very interesting!
@carina_kielmanowicz Hey Carina. I think so, but then again, I could also be a bit biased! ;-)