x.ai is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you

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Dennis R. Mortensen
@dennismortensen · CEO and Founder, x.ai
@msg shoot me an email on dennis@ and I'll buy the diet coke! :)


Dan Kozikowski
@dfkoz · VP of Networks, FirstMark Capital
x.ai user of 6+ months here. We at FirstMark are proud backers of @dennismortensen and x.ai, so take this as you'd like, but honestly my user experience has been outstanding. Some notes: - x.ai saves me hours of scheduling ping pong every month. This is low-value time that I can now allocate to more important efforts. - At this point, I trust x.ai implicitl… See more
Patrick Vlaskovits
@pv · Founder, Superpowered
I have seen the future and it looks like x.ai ---- I have used Amy to schedule a few meetings, and it has been glorious. If this technology improves to allow for other use-cases, this will be a gigantic company.
Dennis R. Mortensen
@dennismortensen · CEO and Founder, x.ai
@_jacksmith, @AdrianGrant *find an example below of flow (aka pain ping pong) 1. TO: MICHAEL FROM: JOHN Subject: Meeting up for coffee ? Hi Michael. Good to meet up with you yesterday. Do you have time to meet up later today, tomorrow or perhaps early next week? I am free most days after 1 PM. --Regards John 2. TO: JOHN FROM: MICHAEL *x.ai customer CC: … See more
Derek Shanahan
@dshan · GM @ SuperRewards
I have this scary image of putting someone into a nightmare "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that. Press one for the main menu, two for sales..." (to use an automated phone analogy).
Adrian Grant
@adriangrant · In Stealth
I've been using for the past few months (had early access). Amy is like a virtual assistant. To schedule a meeting you simply CC her on the email. From there, she will follow-up with the person and coordinate a time. Unlike others I've seen in the space, Amy also takes into account your preferences. Down to your preferred coffee shops or locations in the c… See more