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A $19.99 tiny smart home camera


WyzeCam is a smart home camera designed for, well, whatever you want. It’s easy to find uses for a $20 camera that fits in the palm of your hand, or rests comfortably on just about any surfaceWyzeCam is

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You can get the original Xiaomi for even better price.




Only the rebranded Xiaomi

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Link to the Xiaomi?
Wyze Labs
Hi there - this is WyzeCam :) We did license the industrial design of Xiao Fang (which is the name of the camera you have in mind, sold on Xiaomi's website), but we designed the WyzeCam with a completely new solution from the ground up, including a new app (named Wyze, available in both iOS and Android), new firmware, and AWS cloud solution to store alert videos. Hope this helps. And btw, Xiao Fang does not work in the US.
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I'd love to get one in Paris


Price, concept


Only available in the US

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Me too
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I know a security organization in Africa that would love this tech.
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Hi, everyone! I work for Wyze Labs and I definitely understand the frustration about not being able to order WyzeCams outside of the United States yet. I'm sorry that we aren't set up for international shipping because we are so new but we definitely have plans to branch out in the future. If you would like, you can sign up for our newsletter at wyzecam.com for updates on this and other topics.
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That's a XiaoMi Yi Xiaofang you' re proposing guys........


the name maybe ?


this product isn't working in EU due to legislation.

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Thank you!!
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Hi AllanStepps, Thanks for the review. I am one of the co-founders at Wyze Labs. Me and my Colleague Gwendolyn are here to answer questions. We are super excited to see so many votes on our product. Regarding our relationship with Xiaofang, there are a few people asking the same question, we we have addressed it in previous review comments. Let us know if you have additional questions.
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"to maintain video data recorded from Your WyzeCam on the WyzeCam cloud. Wyze Labs shall use commercially reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access to Your recordings maintained on the Wyze Labs cloud. However, You acknowledge, understand, and agree that as a result of issues unrelated to Wyze Labs’s fault, including the inherent limitations in all hardware and software, unauthorized access to Your recorded video data may occur. As result, in addition to, and without limiting any other provision of this Agreement, You agree to and shall indemnify and hold harmless Wyze Labs, its employees and agents for and against all claims, lawsuits and losses arising out of or related to video data recorded from Your WyzeCam and Wyze Labs’s storage of that video data. This provision shall apply to all claims, lawsuits or losses whether or not based on negligence (active or passive) on the part of Wyze Labs, its agents or employees"


Price, 2 weeks of storage, cleaver design by Xioami's vendor (yep, it's OEM-over-OEM).


No microSD. Shady Terms of Use that covers only vendor if someone crack 'commercially reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access'.

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Hi Pavlo, Thanks for the review. I am one of the co-founders at Wyze Labs. Me and my Colleague Gwendolyn are here to answer questions. We are super excited to see so many votes on our product. Regarding MicroSD card, our product does have a Micro SD card Slot for user to be able to continuously record video.
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Regarding the T&Cs, it is a legal term that is put together by our legal team, and most of them are standard terms. I believe your question is mostly around how do we prevent unauthorized access ( what we did and are doing ) instead of the how the T&Cs are written. Hope below description of our security measure will help. Let us know if you have additional questions. The request between your mobile device, the Wyzecam, and Cloud Server are made via https (Transport Layer Security (TLS) ). We used symmetric and asymmetric encryption, consistent hashing and other ways to make sure users information can not be stolen. Every device in the process has their own secret key and certificate so that we can validate their identity during handshake. The contents are encrypted via AES 128-bit encryption to protect the security of the data.

While WyzeCam shares hardware with the Xiaomi Smart Home cameras that everyone has PROUDLY pointed out in the comments, it is the firmware, the app experience, customer support, and the cloud service offering that sets it apart.

So let's address the most common sentiment in the comments:

"This is just an upsold Xiaomi/Xiaofang/Chinese Smart home camera".

The cheapest I could find the Xiaomi camera using the recommended search term "Xiaofang Smart IP" from Aliexpress is $24.15 and ~$21 for a similar looking "wanscam" + $6 shipping, both with 60 day guaranteed delivery! The GearBest site selling it warns "you need to set the usage area for Mainland China. Please do not choose other areas." This means it is region locked and not meant to be sold/supported outside of the country.

My order from WyzeCam was $25.98 shipped. It was "backordered" when purchased on Friday 3 Nov and I received it in the mail on Tuesday Nov 7.

People have also noted that the Xiaomi cameras have a different firmware and will not work with the WyzeCam app, so this means that you can't get cheap hardware cheaper and use the WyzeCam app.

Ok, so lets say you are magical and get a Xiaomi camera for $15 shipped and you get it in 1 day. You are still going to be using the Mi Home app and let me tell you, it is a mess of an app. I made an account just to look at it and there were elements popping in and out, most of it was in english, but there were some important settings toggle buttons that were not translated and only displaying chinese. Also, the Mi Home app is rated 1.5 stars. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...

Another thing mentioned multiple times in other reviews was a "Lack of an SD card slot".

Not sure how people could think this if they even took 20 seconds to look in the specs. Maybe they were disappointed it didn't come with one?!? I can report that it has an SD card slot and it is impressively fast when skipping around in playback. It works incredibly well, just format it Fat32 (if isn't blank), pop it in and set it to continuously record in the settings menu. Even tells you how much space it has, which helped me realize that the card I was trying to use had some weird Fat/Fat32 partitions that needed to be cleared.

Now with all that debunking out of the way here are some other thoughts:


Very simple, just make sure the phone/device that you are using to set this up is on a 2.4ghz network and not a 5ghz! The software asks for your wifi password and passes whatever the setup device's currently connected network is.

Cloud Storage

WyzeCam has free 14 day cloud storage for motion detected videos. At the time of writing, there aren't any upsell options either. It works very quick, and it is my fastest cloud connected home device, and I have a few!

Devices Access

As long as the WyzeCam and your viewing device both have access to the internet, you can view it from anywhere instantly. You can view it live, and if you have an SD card set to continuously record, you can watch every second, from anywhere! (That blew me away as I assumed it would only work locally).


WyzeCam has taken existing hardware and wrapped it in a wonderful firmware and software experience. The app is intuitive, clear, and works flawlessly.

Final Thoughts:

Is this copypreneur? Well, it uses a proven, properly licensed hardware design, with custom firmware, a unique app experience, with a US based support team, with US based cloud storage, in custom branded packaging, sold from a custom website and the order is fulfilled from the US. Their product is the software experience, which isn't copied. So i guess "copypreneur" is up for interpretation.

I am very satisfied with this device and immensely disappointed in the PH community for users bandwagoning on a pitchfork clenched "it's a rebranded device" witch hunt without performing due diligence.

I hope other small startups don't shy away from being hunted due to what has happened here.


Ease of Setup, App quality, Access Speed, Mounting Hardware, Camera Quality


The users of PH who thinks this is a chinese ripoff that are missing the forest for the trees. Motion detection needs "zones".

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Super impressed by this camera at this price.


Super easy setup. Tiny. Nice looking. Good quality video. Motion and audio alerts


No zones for motion alerts


The motion and sound alerts have put my wife at ease with our newborn.


Great quality, easy set-up, intuitive interface, unbeatable price.


Still searching

Available on Aliexpress, this is not even the best cam by Xiaomi, better get the Aqara gateway cam instead. Better sound, panorama view (great for motion detection) and a zigbee gateway built in for about the same price.


none compared to the Xiaomi original.


better buy the original...

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I own the Wyze Cam v2 and Pan Cam, both were super easy to setup and access via the Wyzwe app. They latest release of the Wyze app introduced shortcuts that took a little to get use to and create working versions. Looking forward to the day they come out with an outdoor camera.


Easy setup, good for security and a great app


Need an outlet close by, no outside camera available at this time