Great job, I really like this, especially for iMessages. It's so frictionless since you don't have to have all of your friends on the app. I'm actually surprised Apple doesn't have something like this built in.
@rueter Thanks very much Steven, our goal was to make as frictionless as possible. Most of the planning/scheduling apps we found require a login and ask for input that is not really necessary. With WWWW we wanted to make the fastest way to make and share the most important detail.
Thanks @amilia_tuo for Hunting, We wanted to make a really fast way to answer the four key questions asked when meeting someone or a group. We use your answers and bundle them up into a single SMS message, on iOS this renders as a beautiful map with directions and embedded meta data. Also we wanted to allow users to do this without leaving their messages so we added full iMessage support. This is the result of our initial efforts and we'd love to hear any feedback or questions you may have. Thanks and happy hunting!
awesome good job guys keep on ! any plans for other users than ios ?
@otymix Yes we have the designs ready now it is just a matter of implementing.
Awesomeee idea. I was thinking of a way to market it and maybe eliminate spammers as much as possible, I thought maybe a great idea is to allow users from certain communities only.I can see this app filling a huge gap in setting up meetings and meeting new people within trusted companies ( or communities like universities ). For example you can at first choose let's say Apple and allow users only from Apple ( meaning only people with a ) to sign up, they cannot access the app unless they verify their email ( this way you can make sure that they belong to this community and this can help eliminate spammers ). This way marketing the app is easier, just work on communities you can reach first.
@pierreakarim Personally, instead of going to a LinkedIn profile or try to get someone's email in order to send "write" him a meeting request introducing myself, with few taps I can send someone a request and he can make sure when reading my request that I belong to this community and maybe this can make things more authentic. Just another idea, keep it simple as much as possible. Cheers. Sorry had to comment on my comment in order to fit my text in.
@pierreakarim Great idea Pierre, never thought of it like that but the contacts could be filtered down by organization to allow for internal use. Maybe in future we can add such a filtering option that checks their email :) Thanks!
Giving www a whole new meaning!