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Steven Rueter — Developer
Great job, I really like this, especially for iMessages. It's so frictionless since you don't have to have all of your friends on the app. I'm actually surprised Apple doesn't have something like this built in.
Christian Moore — Making Useful Things
@rueter Thanks very much Steven, our goal was to make as frictionless as possible. Most of the planning/scheduling apps we found require a login and ask for input that is not really necessary. With WWWW we wanted to make the fastest way to make and share the most important detail.
Christian Moore — Making Useful Things
Thanks @amilia_tuo for Hunting,

We wanted to make a really fast way to answer the four key questions asked when meeting someone or a group. We use your answers and bundle them up into a single SMS message, on iOS this renders as a beautiful map with directions and embedded meta data. Also we wanted to allow users to do this without leaving their messages so we added full iMessage support.

This is the result of our initial efforts and we'd love to hear any feedback or questions you may have. Thanks and happy hunting!
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