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Julian Pardo • S42 reviewedWunderMail for GmailThe missing native desktop client for Gmail on Windows 10.
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🔥 Wundermail is an incredible product, beautifully designed and executed


⛔ Privacy policy 💥

My gmail account contains or links a large part of my most important data. After reading your privacy policy I do not feel very comfortable with the service.

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Tim Grabinat
Tim Grabinat@timchiller · Software Developer
Thanks for your review. Please let me clarify this: In short: We do not have access to any of you mails. In long: WunderMail works completely local. This means the access token will not be send to our server. Therefore we do not have access to your mails. Instead the app is downloading a copy of your mails directly from the Google server in a local database in the App folder. As soon you delete the app, the local database gets also deleted. The only data which is shared to us is anonymous usage data. Also when you add an account in WunderMail if you want opt in for the newsletter. In case you opt in your mail address and some metadata like your signup date is send to us. However, receiving the newsletter is optional. However, you are correct that the privacy policy does not reflect this to 100%. This has two reasons: 1. To make sure the privacy policy is not using invalid formulations (especially in terms of the new GDPR) we decided to use an online tool for generating the privacy policy. This tools do not generate perfect results as they only have limited options for individualization. 2. The privacy policy is valid for our apps and our websites. Therefore the privacy policy states terms which are not used by the app itself. To provide you with an example lets take the collecting of "credentials" or "Social media logins". This is part of the privacy policy because we also run an support forum for the apps on a web page. To post into the forum you have to create an forum account. This can be done by social media login or by selecting your own password for the forum account. So we save you credentials of your forum account, in case you create an forum account on our web page. However, the app itself does not save or transfer any of this information. I hope this clarifies it a bit more.