Jorge Bracer
Jorge Bracer reviewedWunderMail for GmailThe missing native desktop client for Gmail on Windows 10.
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Memory Hog (600 Mb & rising), email subject lines too short vs web interface where can arrange horizontally.

Seems well implemented, but above two issues are killer. I deinstalled mine after 1 hours of use.

Jorge Bracer has used this product for one day.
Tim Grabinat
Tim Grabinat@timchiller · Software Developer
Thanks for your valuable feedback. WunderMail was created with resource optimization in mind. Therefore it uses literally no processor power as soon it is minimized or not in focus for a few seconds. We designed it to be light, so that RAM usage should always stay below 250 MB. Could you please specify in which user scenario you experienced the high RAM usage? This would help us, to reproduce the problem. Did this happen during your first run?