WunderMail for Gmail

The missing native desktop client for Gmail on Windows 10.


WunderMail is a beautiful mail app especially created for the use of Gmail.

By using the latest Fluent Design principles, WunderMail perfectly combines the user experience of Gmail with the lock and feel of Windows 10. Unlike other mail apps WunderMail offers support for Gmail specific functions like labels and inbox categories.

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Joseph Finney
Julian Pardo • S42
 +4 reviews
  • Pros: 

    🔥 Wundermail is an incredible product, beautifully designed and executed


    ⛔ Privacy policy 💥

    My gmail account contains or links a large part of my most important data. After reading your privacy policy I do not feel very comfortable with the service.

    Julian Pardo • S42 has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 



    Memory Hog (600 Mb & rising), email subject lines too short vs web interface where can arrange horizontally.

    Seems well implemented, but above two issues are killer. I deinstalled mine after 1 hours of use.

    Jorge Bracer has used this product for one day.