A smart to-do app, now with folders, quick add and more

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Hey ProductHunt! We've released a bunch of things today. Folders (for all platforms), a new facelift for iOS, Android & Mac (including our Android Lollipop update), and a pretty neat Quick Add button on iPhone and Android. Here's what's coming next: https://www.wunderlist.com/blog/...
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@christianreber super excited for the Slack integration and business features. I manage a lot of my consulting clients with Wunderlist and Slack, so I hope you're considering the multi-business use case (as Google and Slack do)! Eager for these updates!
@christianreber @chrismessina It would be great to hear your use cases, and we can for sure get you into the beta of the upcoming Wunderlist for Work. If you email me, I’d be happy to chat. benedikt at 6wunderkinder dot com
@christianreber @blehnert sure, simply put: I have 2-3 consulting clients and have gotten them to use Wunderlist. I manage my tasks in shared Wunderlists with them. If I could only be associated with one company Wunderlist at a time (i.e. how Dropbox does it), that would be a dealbreaker. I need more flexible sharing and access options to be able to create or join lists within or without several companies' contexts. I'll drop you an email!
Was super excited to see this total change to Wunderlist. With the addition of folders, the ability to quickly add a new item or list, everything feels so much more light and clean.
@imcatnoone Avid user of Wunderlist, too! Great batch of new features.
@imcatnoone Great work with UI :)
The Slack integration is something I'm pumped for too @chrismessina. I use Slack to funnel everything including Github tickets. So to have the Wunderlist integration is just lovely <3
Would love this group's perspective on why wunderlist over other list / to-do apps.
@corleyh Corley, when comparing to other apps like Things, Asana, Clear, etc. the best part of Wunderlist is that it is everything they are not and isn't more than what it needs to be. For me, I'll list out my points and then detail: - Simple, light and super fast UI: Between it being ultra fast, easy to use and light, it makes me feel like my day/tasks aren't ask heavy (and tasking) as they realistically are. - Organization: I want the app I use to be my go-to for organization throughout the day. Simple to use but enough feature set to keep my day-to-day in order. I can organize (and keep separated through Folders and a variety of lists) my personal and professional tasks. Check out how I'm currently using it (http://cl.ly/image/000j2c3y0K29) for my company + different side projects + personal. -Price: Often, many of these apps cost an arm and a leg! Wunderlist is free. -Cross-Platform & Phenom Syncing: Never have to worry about what device I'm on, they cover them all. And the syncing is top-notch.
@corleyh @imcatnoone I also heavily rely on the collaboration features to share tasks with my partner — from household chores to groceries to upcoming movies we want to see, and so on. The fact that she uses it consistently with me means we have a much better way to communicate and keep track of each other's activities. The cross-platform support is also extremely useful, and on the whole, fairly well executed. That there's a Public API coming also bodes well.
@corleyh We use Asana for work and love it, but it's a bit too full featured for my personal life. My partner and I use Wunderlist because it's simple and easy for us to give each other tasks - it's an absolute godsend when it comes to compiling shopping lists! I also like using a different application for my work and home life because it keeps them separate.
Very nice and required feature. A very basic and should have been there a long-time ago though. Wunderlist is one of the very few apps I use daily and depend on for the to-do list and collaboration with my co-workers. So slick, eye-candy with super-stable performance. However, I was wondering about why app-updating-and-features-addition frequency are so slow. A basic feature like Folders should have been there a long time ago. In spite of this, I may refer the reason behind the slowness is that you guys like to "Master" one thing at a time. You roll out one feature to all platforms at once. Not to mention the stability and the heavy internal testing that you guys perform before releasing any update. Unlike other apps that may roll-out one feature to Android, for example, leaving iOS or other platforms' users behind, which may sometimes upsets users and cause inconvenience. You guys are doing a great job and well done.
@m_3abwahab We hear you! And as you might have noticed our release cycles have gotten faster over the past 12 months. We have invested in creating a process that allows us to ship more features to our users in a shorter timeframes without losing our focus on a high-quality user experience. Overall, we try to balance features that make individual platforms better and at the same time develop the cross-platform experience that Wunderlist is known for. It's great to hear how all of you guys are using Wunderlist! It gives us the valuable insights we rely on, and makes us happy to see our product being used by so many people. Thanks for sharing!