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Writing is one of the most underrated crafts, imo. Blogging isn't for everyone and takes a bit of effort to (1) think of what to write about and (2) actually do. Tools like this can help build that muscle and turn writing into a daily routine. I'm particularly fond of Emojinate. πŸ˜„
Hi Product hunters, Sergey and I built this website really for ourselves because we wanted to develop a habit of writing everyday. I believe that cultivating your writing skills makes you a better thinker, and helps you communicate better in your everyday life. I hope that in the future, this can evolve into a place where people can get feedback from other people on their crafts so that people can improve their writing skills constantly. That being said, happy writing :)
@choi_kl Cannot thank you enough Kilim! :)
I love to write but the challenge that I face everytime I sit to write is "what to write about?". This is kind of life saver. No more anxiety. :)