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Happy to have launched the completely re-designed version of Zoho Writer. Do take a look and let us know your feedback. As word processing tools became more sophisticated, they also became more cluttered. That's one reason we decided to re-think Zoho Writer. It's a simple and clean word processor with rich collaboration capabilities built-in. We have re-built the UI from scratch so that you can write with minimal distractions, even while collaborating. Our new interface easily flows with your style of work and the cycle of your document. The three different modes - Compose, Review and Distribute lets you easily access tools you need at that stage of your document. We allow you to lock or mask sections of text to protect content from being changed or viewed in collaboration. We have added additional distribution capabilities so that you can now easily publish and post to your blog directly from Zoho Writer itself. You can also add e-signatures to your documents now. Our iOS and Android apps have been revamped to give you the ability to create, edit and collaborate — anytime, anywhere. Check them out too! This is what makes the new Zoho Writer a really special update for us. Do let us know what you think.
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@shyamramesh This is very interesting. I am curious to try it, but before doing it I would like to ask: why would I use Zoho Writer instead of Google Docs?
@danflopes ,Thanks for your interest in the product. Locking / Masking of select contents during collaboration , Access Receipts to quickly know the access status of the document you have shared, follow specific comment threads , Likes in comment and replies , Heading style gallery , import of password protected docx files are some stand out features of Zoho Writer.
@shyamramesh will any of this functionality be available as a standalone service that could be incorporated into third party sites? For instance, as a comments/documents editor?
@andreioprisan Thanks for your interest in the product.We have office API's for integrating the editor.You can refer to https://www.zoho.com/docs/help/o... for details.
@shyamramesh I see API docs for document storage, collaboration etc. but nothing for actually customizing the editor itself to be embedded in an existing application. For instance, I was hoping to see some JS configurations on editor instantiation, but that does not seem to exist
Thanks for hunting us @erictwillis. We made a quick video about the thinking behind our new design. :)
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Brilliant one
@dhruvakumar Thank you! Glad you liked it :)
This seems like a great step forward @shyamramesh! Especially if you're a Zoho CRM user and can use the mail merge functionality. This seems like it allows for much more flexibility with the layout and typography (Google Fonts) than trying to do this all in Zoho CRM. Expanding the data sources you can use for mail merge beyond Contacts to modules like Accounts would definitely be helpful too.
@awlakers Thank you.We are working on making mail merge even more powerful in our upcoming updates.Glad you liked it.
Brilliant, by far the best featured online word processor, Is it possible to landscape just 1 page rather than the whole document?