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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
The "find words in context" is the most useful feature, imo. Sometimes I noodle on which word to use describe something and this some (sometimes) relevant results:

Also check out the Hemingway Desktop App
Juan Castro — Writefull
Hey @rrhoover, we just released a new version for Chrome, in case you want to check it out: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Nathan Bashaw — Co-founder and CEO of Hardbound
I don't understand how searching google for similar phrases is supposed to improve your writing. Don't good writers try to avoid clichés?
Nikita Korotaev — Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
@nbashaw Guys like me, who don't really speak English, has zero knowledge of the right way to combine words in a sentence, always use google to validate whether the phrase is used by others, so that the guys like you would have zero trouble to understand what I'm trying to say.
Nikita Korotaev — Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
<- Damn, forgot to use Writefull.
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