Make writing a habit.


Hi all, we're super excited to finally launch! WriteDaily is a one-week writing challenge we built to improve our own writing with daily prompts.

Choose your track, and get daily email reminders with pre-formatted Medium templates to make writing and sharing easy.

Interested? See what users are writing -> https://medium.com/tag/writedaily.

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SK Ltd

For those who really want to improve their writing habits. However still requires a lot of self motivation


love the idea and the design, Medium based


didn't notice any

Work with non profit constantly looking

Do not assume anything before you try (or not)


Gets your butt in gear


Butt remains in a stpor.

Founder and CEO, Enfavr

The app has potential. It can include some guidelines on best practices, idea deconstruction and build out, writing tips


The process of writing often gets stalled because of either too many ideas or no ideas. The 7 day challenge is a good way to warm up


The topics, while easy are rather insipid, high school. Wish there could be more prompts based on the different writing categories