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Prettiest way to journal on Android I think, good for a running-log style of journaling. A refreshing addition to Android's otherwise (fairly) lacklustre offering of journal apps.
Hi @mingulertok thanks for hunting me! I couldn't have explained Writeaday better myself. I'll just add that we're trying to emphasize consistency in journaling. I want to change the way that journaling is done. Moving away from the 30 minutes we spend to journal at the end of our day - to writing in smaller 1 minute chunks.
will it be available for iPhone?

Great little app. I'm impressed buy the minimalist design and a UI that succeeds at encouraging you to open it up and write something short and quick


Super easy to input

Really nice interface

Everything is organized chronologically


I want to be able to view it on my desktop too!

I loved this app so much but now that I’m on iOS I miss it so much..