Write CSS as Fast as You Can Sketch

Learn how to design in the browser (8-day email course)

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Nathan Barry
Founder, ConvertKit
I've been really impressed with Sean's web design training. This is definitely worth checking out!
Ryan Delk
CEO of Primer
This course is awesome, and (maybe the best part) it's free! @sfioritto you should give us more background on this :)
I'm the founder and creator of this course. Thanks for posting @delk. A little more background. If you're a web designer you're familiar with the concept of "designing in the browser". The idea is that creating static comps with tools like Photoshop and then handing them off to a developer is no longer an optimal workflow. The web runs on so many devices that you need to see what your design looks like at various sizes, and it's just not practical to create a picture of every single size. So the solution is for web designers to design in the browser, or write code that serves as a comp for developers to work with. Of course not every web designer has CSS and HTML skills to do this. Most web designers can code, but writing code while being creative and designing requires a high level of skill. Imagine you are trying a new layout, but you have no idea how to use your grid system to do what you want. Now you have to pause, read documentation, and try to get it to work. By the time you figured it out, you're totally out of the creative flow you were in before. The idea behind this course is to cherry pick certain skills and tools that will help you avoid this situation. It's a combination of skills, tools and a rapid prototyping mindset. Over 7,000 web designers have already gone through the course, so it's been pretty popular. I'm really interested to hear what you all think!
Jane Portman
Co-founder @userlist
Sean is the smartest and the most trustworthy teacher with a very charismatic teaching style. This course is a must-have — and, more importantly, it's free! Go get it!
salim madjdCEO, AsthmaMD & startup advisor
Heads up. My confirmation email landed in my spam folder.
@salimmadjd Thanks for the heads up. :\