Let readers stream your write-up, as if you are talking

Writango lets your audience to stream your write-up as if you are talking sentence-by-sentence. Here's a quick demo of what your readers will see

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Hello PH, Creator of Writango here. I created Writango mostly to scratch my own itch: to publish stream-able articles. Here's a quick demo of what it can do. It's also intended to be a quick text-only presentation tool. Just scratch your ideas as a post. When you're done, you'd be able to showcase your write-up to an audience like a presentation! Happy Writing! Let me know your thoughts πŸ˜„
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@vettijoe that's a cool product! I wonder why you needed to display text sentence-by-sentence? Dropbox Paper has a nice presentation mode too, but it displays the document block-by-block. Have you seen it?
@zyumbik No, I didn't know Dropbox Paper had a presentation mode. Thanks you! Well, Writango's motive is very close to what the presentation mode is. So there's probably no good reasons to ditch Paper for Writango currently. In the future though, I'd like to evolve Writango into something that allows you to present documents in a variety of ways - sentence-wise, block-wise, custom-segments-wise, bring in audio presenting, teleprompting and such stuff. Curious about what Paper's roadmap is regarding the presentation mode.
@vettijoe great! Looking forward to the future updates. :)
Glad you liked it, @angeloe. I'm about to polish the writing canvas a bit more. Also, got feedback that the gif in the homepage is a bit distracting. So working on that one too.
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The main gif in the post is too fast, I optimized it a bit so I can read what it says: :)
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Wow, thanks! The link's loading forever. Can you send it over to me someway else. I'll use it here as well as for the site. I tried making it slower before, but it feels too slow to make sense. I could use yours.
Looks cool. Will there be an option to add images later and when will it have an SSL certificate?
@jessehojjensen Sure, I'll be working on bringing-in more rich text editing features like images, code-blocks, etc, SSL certs included.
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Great idea, would definitely use ... but the blood red "not secure" warning for failed https might put some people off :)