WRIO Keyboard

Super-fast & error-free typing



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Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · CS @ IUT Lannion | Side-projects Lover
I would love to try it but a trial of several days would be great. It looks it could speed my typing.
Özgür Celebi
Özgür Celebi@tristancelebi · iOS Developer
This front up payment model for Keyboards, doesnt work anymore. Most companies moved to in app purchases. Which is perfect, since people need to try and use a keyboard for a while until they stick. Paying later for Extras seems legit to support the makers.
David Léonard
David LéonardHunter@david_senate · Head of Projects and Developments Center
A real different keyboard design coming from Switzerland, pretending to be much faster
Daniel F.
Daniel F.@deleted-342513 · Squirting mustard on things since 2016.
How does this work one-thumbed? I use an "alternate" keyboard now -- MessageEase -- and I've grown used to using one thumb. Also, you might get more takers if you offered a free trial period, or sample version.
Johannes DeMattia
Johannes DeMattia@demattia · COO, Mild Media
@zefareu I agree. A new keyboard is a big change, and not something I'll just buy without trying it out to see if it fits me.
Jeremy Drysdale
Jeremy Drysdale@jeremydrysdale
@zefareu yes, a trial period would be helpful.
Kyle McDonald
Kyle McDonald@hustlinhack · Full Stack Developer
The $2.99 price tag is very off-putting especially when you don't know if the keyboard will actually improve your typing. Definitely need a trial run or a revenue source via micro purchases instead.
Antonio Balderas
Antonio Balderas@antoni_balderas
@hustlinhack and it's 40% off