WRIO Keyboard

Super-fast & error-free typing

I would love to try it but a trial of several days would be great. It looks it could speed my typing.
This front up payment model for Keyboards, doesnt work anymore. Most companies moved to in app purchases. Which is perfect, since people need to try and use a keyboard for a while until they stick. Paying later for Extras seems legit to support the makers.
A real different keyboard design coming from Switzerland, pretending to be much faster
How does this work one-thumbed? I use an "alternate" keyboard now -- MessageEase -- and I've grown used to using one thumb. Also, you might get more takers if you offered a free trial period, or sample version.
@zefareu I agree. A new keyboard is a big change, and not something I'll just buy without trying it out to see if it fits me.
@zefareu yes, a trial period would be helpful.
The $2.99 price tag is very off-putting especially when you don't know if the keyboard will actually improve your typing. Definitely need a trial run or a revenue source via micro purchases instead.