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Prathamesh Juvatkar — CTO at Cubeit.io
In the product we are building, we need to use some scrapers to pull a particular parameter from website. Usually we write a simple script in python using Beautiful Soup or some other library to pull data. But biggest challenge has been that any updates in DOM of that website will make the script unusable. How do you handle this issue?
@pjuvatkar It's still a manual process, but we try to help a little bit! Each API endpoint you create is versioned, and we let you send requests to /your/api/element/latest tag and just publish an updated version of the endpoint so that you don't have to change any of the calling code.
Prathamesh Juvatkar — CTO at Cubeit.io
@peterxu I am very excited about the crowdsourcing angle to such problems. Someone in community can submit a fix and everybody in community benefits
Sarah Cornwell — @appbackr, @forum280, PH Contributor
Can this replace the Kimono extension? It shut down in Feb.
maxkolysh — Founder, Zinc.io
@sccornwell yes I'll reach out to him :)
@sccornwell Yes, it can (mostly) replace the Kimono extension, though it has some more features and a potentially slightly steeper learning curve, as it creates general-purpose APIs (including those with POST requests backing them), nested outputs (vs. collections), and is shared amongst the community.
Sarah Cornwell — @appbackr, @forum280, PH Contributor
@peterxu Fantastic news! Thrilled to hear that!
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