Wrap your desk in a dry erase board (Kickstarter)

#1 Product of the DayDecember 07, 2014
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Looks great, but Magic Whiteboard is a great alternative that sticks without adhesive (static) and is significantly cheaper http://www.magicwhiteboard.co.uk/
@_jamesmundy Brilliant! The Magic Notebook is genius too.
@_jamesmundy I use magipad, which seems to be exactly the same (licensed?) as Magic Whiteboard... I gotta say, it's really amazing but it definitely has its limitations. I peel them off in sheets of 3, so my whiteboard is 2.4mx1.2m (3x2 sheets)... that's like 6'x4' in American. Have been using it for about 12 months.. have bought 4-5 packs of 12. I find that they stick well at first, but after a month or so they will randomly just fall off your wall.
Could easily apply to walls too. Great product.
Wrap is a flexible film custom cut to fit your desk that makes the entire surface dry-erasable. Looks pretty useful!
I backed this one almost right away, after I messaged him bugging him to open up international shipping. Great project, can't wait to wrap my desk. Shame it was featured on PH AFTER the KS project finished :\
Can't you just use vinyl? Cheaper and easier to get. Needs a tad of elbow grease to erase, but does well enough.
@toobulkeh LOL "elbow grease".