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Do everything within WordPress without WordPress.

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 24, 2019

WP Webhooks Pro turns your website into a highly optimized webhook system. You can set up various actions and triggers like for example adding, updating and deleting users without even touching WordPress. It's fully compatible with Zapier, automate.io and more

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Oh wow! Can’t wait to try this. At Zapier, we’ve recommended HookPress in the past but that plugin hasn’t been updated in quite some time. If this works well I’ll definitely tell our users to check it out :)
@nicksimard I remember Hookpress - Wanted to use it as well, but because of the compatibility issues with the newer php versions, I never used it. There is another thing that keeps me from using Hookpress: It only allows you to send data from WordPress to Zapier - This plugin can do the opposite as well with receiving data from other services like Zapier :) Regarding the functionality: It works damn well - Use it already for a lot of my projects and my current customers love it as well :)
Hey hunters! I'm very happy to present to you my newest product called WP Webhooks Pro! With this product, I want to push the possibilities of WordPress again to another level. My goal is to make it more easy to connect to WordPress via other services since this is mostly still complicated and heavy. This plugin enables you to set up certain actions via webhooks to manage your data within and outside of WordPress. For all the people that never heard of webhooks: Just think of a webhook as a letter. You put information in, send them to someone else and he takes the actions based on your specifications. Here are some features to show you what this plugin is capable of while using only webhooks and/or Zapier/automate.io: 1. Create, update and delete users or posts (Supports Custom Post Types) 2. Create, update and delete user meta and post meta (Supports Custom Post Types) 3. Create Blog Posts via Email (Send an email with your details to a specified address and create automatically a blog post) 4. Create, rename, move, copy or delete files and folders on your WordPress system 5. Run any kind of external piece of PHP code within your WordPress system Let's also talk quickly about use-cases. Here are some: 1. If a user creates an account on your Teachable school, you can instantly create a related account on WordPress using his email. 2. If you upload a file via Dropbox, you can mirror this file automatically to your WordPress site. 3. In case you have multiple WordPress systems, you can synchronize the users in between using the email address. 4. If you are working on your smartphone, using WordPress is not always an exciting experience. From now on you can create and publish your blog posts via email. The plugin itself is super optimized and very developer friendly. I'm currently creating the documentation where you can find more information about how it works. There's also a YouTube channel available where I will show more use-cases. In case you have any specific needs, feel free to reach out to me at any time! PS: If you read it until here, I will give you a 10% discount :) AUTOMATEME10

I used this plugin to sync user meta between multiple websites and it works like really well. I was doubtful that the security gets affected by a large number of features this plugin offers, but it seems to offer a whitelist for the incoming data. My problems are solved.


- Integrates seamlessly with Zapier - Super flexible environment and easy to understand backend - I like the WordPress hook setup


- Documentation can be improved. Would be great to have some more videos on your YouTube channel

Hi Zeshan, thanks a lot for your review! i'm happy to inform you that we will launch our next videos in the upcoming week! :) All the best Jannis
Wow Jannis, I love it! That’s what I’ve been waiting for 🤩
@fabianhenzler Hi Fabian, I'm very happy to hear that! Thanks a lot! :)
Very interesting idea! Do you support custom post types and custom fields?
@mattcogenli Hi! - We definitely support custom post types :) Regarding the custom fields: I assume you talk about post meta, correct? If so, I'm happy to tell you, that you can also manage your custom post meta with this plugin. You can also push this to a whole new level. To update the post meta, we have various ways to do that. In the end you can choose the way that suits you the best. :) Let me know if you have more questions, I'm happy to help!
@ironikus What about advancedcustomfields.com?
@chrisschwartze Hi Chris! Sorry for my late answer! For now I would say we partially support Custom Fields. I believe you don't talk about the field groups itself, but about the fields you can assign values to when you fill the custom fields on your specified post type, correctly? If so, my answer on the top is true. Since ACF Pro uses the post meta fields to store their values, you can also manage them with it. The point where it gets a bit tricky is for example with repeater fields or images. For repeater fields you have to know the current meta key, as for the image you need to create some script to do that (Depending on your use case). Hope this helps! If you have anything else you want to ask, feel free to do so! :)