WP Landing Kit

Turn WordPress into a landing page powerhouse

Map custom domain names to posts, pages or custom post type entries within WordPress. This is extremely useful for creating individual marketing or landing pages using singular templates instead of separate installations or the need for a multisite install.
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(reposting as PH wiped my message as I had to login - sorry if this is a dupe). It looks great, Jason! A question I have for you is whether you could also map child pages to a page within a given domain (eg my-rad-book.com/some-child-page/). It might sound like a request that takes you full-circle, but if I'm creating a landing page, I might, for example, have a custom thank you page that you get redirected to after an opt-in. For something seemingly simple, it would in fact be cumbersome to create a unique WP site or even a child site on a multisite network for the sake of a 2nd page.
@topspinpro_doug Hey Doug, that's a great question and is something we're trying to figure out on our end for a future update (currently, child pages are not supported).
I wish I could upvote this 20 times! Landing page services are a pain, and setting up multiple WP instances is a pain. Can't wait to try it out.
@ricky_lyman Thanks Ricky... appreciate that!
Hey all, I'd like to introduce Landing Kit for WordPress... a plugin that allows you to map custom domains to any post, page or custom post type entry. We've been live for about a week and things are ramping up quickly. Let us know what you think of the idea... all comments appreciated ✌️
Sounds very interesting. I am confused / concerned about the independence of the mapped domains relative to existing domains and domain names. Using the example in your video, myradbook.com, what happens when someone goes to a domain registrar and purchases myradbook.com and points it at their website? Or, for that matter, has done so before you do it?
@new_user_1873203600 Hey Jack, just to clarify, you should already have ownership of the domains you're mapping using Landing Kit. For instance, I actually own myradbook.com.
@jschuller That makes a lot more sense. It was looking like a great way to just generate domains, until, of course, someone else registered them.