WP Hive

A better WordPress repo that puts the focus back on users.

WP Hive allows you to
🎉 Compare WordPress plugins side by side
💬 Get useful insights of any WordPress plugin including memory usage, impact on PageSpeed, average memory usage, latest PHP compatibility & more
💡Visualize WordPress plugin like never before
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This repo will help you to find out the issues of your plugins and themes. Do a quick check and fix the issue if it has.
Great WP Tool. Using it for last few weeks and I am impressed
@techjewel I'm really glad you liked it!
Saif from WP Hive. I am a blogger and have been using WordPress for over five years now. During that time. I also develop for WordPress, and I use roughly 15-20 WordPress plugins on each site. Things were going well, but with more plugins, it was tough for me to decide which plugins are useful and which aren't. Then, at the beginning of the fall, my girlfriend told me she wants to start writing a blog. In other words, that meant: "Saif, set up a blog for me!". Since I'm working in the WordPress community, and I had developed WordPress sites for other clients before, it was a no-brainer for me. I would set up WordPress with some clean theme and add some plugins. It seemed easy peasy! Boy, I was wrong! The first day, I set up the WordPress blog with a clean looking theme. Then I wanted to use a minimalistic and fresh social sharing button. I searched through a million of free WP social share plugins on WP.org but was undone without any success. Maybe I'm too picky or professionally biased, but all I wanted was a clean, minimal social share plugin & subscriber popup - that doesn't hurt readability or makes the site slow. After setting up the website, I found out the website hadn't been loading fast. It was really slow. I didn’t want my girlfriend putting a lot of time and effort into writing and then not getting proper rankings because of a slow website. On the second day, I started testing each plugin and checking memory usage, page loading impact by each plugin. Because I only wanted to use cleanly coded plugins that don’t use many resources. Then it hit me - could there be a website that can measure each plugin on different criteria? Like how much memory it has been using? Does it impact page speed? Is the plugin regularly updated so that I don’t have security issues in the future? On the third day, I had an epiphany. I thought to myself, how about making a platform that judges WordPress plugins by the same standard? If I can test all WordPress plugins with the same standard and can produce actionable data - it would provide users a great experience while choosing plugins. There has to be demand for that! I'm not the only one who needs to know how a plugin behaves in the backend! I began to develop the blueprint of WP Hive with a focus on WordPress users. (Meanwhile, I kept it live as a blogging platform only). The whole concept was to get as many useful insights possible from a WordPress plugin. By the end of it, I built a new WordPress repo that is only better than the original one with one of my friends at my current company. Am I saying that we tested all the plugins out there? YEP! we did! WP Hive gathered more than 50K plugin data. Sure data is important but it’s also important how you represent those data. I applied all my Human-Computer Interaction skills to visualize a ton of data so users find it instantly helpful. I had to make sure that the data that I provide actually make sense and actionable. I’ve put a lot of focus on data visualization, great typography, good contrast, the right font combinations, the correct line-heights, the right amount of characters per line, proper kerning, and enough white space around the content. On top of that, I packed everything up in a straightforward way and put important stats front and center for convenience. I'm super excited to get your feedback. I would like to improve WP Hive even more. I know there are designers and developers better than me here on Product Hunt, so your input will be much appreciated!
Its an awesome platform . where you can find perfect plugins for your website and plugins memory usage , page speed , speed benchmark and other stuffs too .. i was looking for something like this.. thanks wedevs.
Love this. Very helpful!
@michelyweb Thanks! If you love the platform, do share with with friends :) <3