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WowPatterns is a product made by designers for designers and pattern lovers. Our team of designers and contributors from other parts of the world design the best seamless vector patterns and we put it for free download.
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We got the product idea when we were looking for some pattern to use in our project. We could not find one online so we decided to make one. That is when the idea of making some patterns started. We made few, used in our projects and then we thought why not make more to give to the community. This is it, we started brainstorming on the product, functionality and developed the site. We believe everyone deserves to work with good quality resources, henceforth our reason to give out these patterns for free. Each and every pattern we make follows a particular process. We start by researching and understanding the trends and what kind of patterns people require. We then make loads of sketches and sit together as a team to finalize the compostion, colors and style. After each pattern is digitized we iterate upon it, trying different colours and styles. When we are happy with the final pattern outcome, we make it live on our platform.