Woven Calendar 2.0

Smart calendar with Scheduling Links and Group Polls

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 23, 2019
Woven Calendar 2.0 is the fastest way to schedule, with built-in Smart Templates, Scheduling Links, Group Polling and more to help you make the most of your time
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16 Reviews4.4/5
Hi Hunters! Last November we first launched Woven Calendar here on Product Hunt. Since then we've learned a lot from all of your feedback and have made big improvements to Woven. We’re excited to share Woven Calendar 2.0 with you today. We believe Woven is the fastest way to schedule and the best way to manage your time, helping you spend more time on what matters most. Some of the cool stuff in Woven 2.0: 🔗 Built-in Scheduling Links so other people can easily schedule time with you 📊 Group Polls to find the best time for a large group to meet 🖥️ Desktop apps for Mac and Windows 🔄 Sync directly with multiple Google accounts (Office 365 coming soon!) 🤝 Availability sharing to easily find time *even across organizations* 📱 iOS integrations with Siri and iMessage 🕶️ Dark mode on desktop ⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts for almost everything in the app We also heard your feedback on things you wanted us to change from 1.0: - Woven longer requires access to your email (we’ll add back the most popular email features as options later) - We expanded access to the iOS app to more countries, and more are on the way. We’re excited to keep building, and helping more individuals and teams make the most of their time. What would you like your calendar to do for you?
@bob_ryskamp Hi ! It looks like Woven could be the calendar app I’ve been searching! Do you know when it will be available in France?
@louisdv We're working through some local issues but France is at the top of our country list right now!
I've been using Woven since they launched last year and it's become the productivity app I've obsessed over the most since Sunrise. It's completely taken over as my primary calendar app and been responsible for actually getting meetings scheduled this year (rather than having them get stuck in scheduling wars where we just ping-each other and forth with "what time works best for you" emails). Pros: - Scheduling links built into your calendar is a game-changer. No more calendly or other scheduling tools needed. It's really simple and intuitive. - Templating lets you quickly create event types that you create a lot of. My coffee meetings and team calls can be setup and organized in seconds once they're set up. - The iMessage one-click scheduling functionality is killer iPhone. It's so fast. - They just released a new "polling" feature which seems like an awesome way to do group events (I'm still testing this out with friends). Cons: - Woven can definitely be faster, but I believe this is on their roadmap. - Doesn't support Microsoft Exchange yet.
@joelrunyon Thanks for the feedback! Faster performance for desktop and web (_way_ faster) is coming in a couple weeks, and we'll support Microsoft calendars (starting with Office 365) by the end of the year.
I absolutely love Woven. It’s allowed me to streamline my appointment bookings on so many levels and is an absolute pleasure to use. The templates are a huge timesaver, the scheduling links are phenomenal, and the ability to quickly toggle between what is “My Time“ and everything else on my calendar gives me a quick snapshot of my day like no other calendar app does. I don’t often tout apps because there are so many out there as a lot of it boils down to personal choice over anything else. But I can confidently say that choosing Woven as your calendar app of choice would be a step in the right direction.
@mikevardy Thanks so much! Means a lot coming from you, we appreciate all you're doing to make people productive!
Big fan of Woven -- has helped me manage my cal better :)
@lessin Thanks! We always look forward to and enjoy hearing your feedback!
The Scheduling Links have transformed the way I schedule; it's easier for me and way easier for those I'm scheduling with. Saves everyone time and countless emails.
@julie_mchenry thanks for the note! No more endless email chains! 🙌