Tinder for job search with referral bonus

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Interesting idea. Would be nice if there was support for uploading your profile photo instead of taking one inside the app. Also re-adding all of the skills for a candidate is a bit tedious, would be great to scrape these from a CV or from other networks online where these exist.
@joelle_writes Thanks Joelle for the comments. Aside from uploading a profile pic (and resume) on the website, there is an option for uploading a profile pic in the new version awaiting approval in the iOS store. To your second question, we are looking to integrate skills from existing data and also finishing up some features to more easily enable users to tell us their top skills.
Can you switch from jobseeker to employer once you sign up? I couldn't see the option in signup?
Thanks for asking. Two things: we found that most people used their personal email addresses to sign up as a jobseeker while they used their work emails to sign up as a recruiter, but I can see you may have just been trying it out and now want to switch. Secondly, you can always request an employer signup anytime even if you have an existing email as a jobseeker ( Let's chat. Shot you an email.
Had this idea before. So smart. I'm glad someone actually made something I really want!
You all should check out!