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Build a more effective and happier team in less time ๐Ÿ”จ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘


WorkStyle is your teamโ€™s digital organisational psychologist, helping to improve productivity, happiness and retention. Create a team hub where you can learn how each team member does their best work and understand what personalities will complement your teamโ€™s effectiveness.

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I began with my profile and I agree on my personality's analysis. I already consider on how to apply this to colleagues.


Helpful to handle your co-workers and keeping productivity high.


UI could be user-friendlier.

Building internet businesses.
Thanks a lot for the review Christian. Aside from UI, is there anything else you'd like to see added?
Financial modeling & business advisory.

initial setup involves answering a few questions but the end result is fantastic.


easy to use and great layout



Co-founder, Challenge Coach

A few notes... Onboarding:

- when selecting options they do not get highlighted (i.e. when I click on my selection I can then click "next" but there's no visual feedback) [desktop / Chrome]

- it may be more useful to rank the communication methods and not just pick one, because we know that for example if I pick "In person meetings" it will not always be possible

- not sure about "financial goals" as an example to answer a question that starts with "apart from money"... ๐Ÿค”


- "WorkStyle is like sex, it's more fun with other people." - hilariously ingenious! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

- "get to know me" sections should have a character count as it stops abruptly when I'm typing a longer answer

- I was answering "get to know me" questions, skipped a few and then started thinking "Bloody hell... How many more?? I don't have the whole day." Then only after clicking somewhere else and coming back to it I discovered that I've already done WAY more than necessary but it was not registered. An indication of how many have been answered would be helpful.

- it was time to get back to work and after completing 5 out of 7 items my profile is still considered only "50% complete" ๐Ÿค”โŒ›๏ธ

Overall a very useful product and look forward to seeing the developments!


For a psychology junkie like me this is like a donut for a fat kid. Would love something like this for my team.


Quite a few UI/UX bugs to iron out. 10 min onboarding?? I spent way longer than that and my profile is still is not complete.

Building internet businesses.
Ru! So much great feedback for us here. You're going to keep us busy this next week but I think this is all easy stuff for us to address. Thank you so much.
Co-Founder @QuizBreaker
Awesome feedback Ru, thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™We'll do our best to improve what you mentioned!

Really great once you complete the on-boarding, seeing it as a really powerful tool to reduce friction and create intentional working relationships that meets the needs of each individual.


SO great to be able to in one place see how best to work with each member of our team


None so far!