Turn ideas into task, right in Slack

Workstreams is a productivity bot & Kanban board for Slack. Getting started is blazing fast, with no installations or setup needed. Just invite Workstreams to your Slack team!

Workstreams is built for exceptional teams focused on getting things done. Priorities are what matters and Workstreams is the best tool to help teams work on them.

Markus Lautenbach
Bogdan Pol
Martin Velkovski
 +4 reviews
  • Pros: 

    Slack integration, instant notifications, you don't miss any ideas coming from your conversations


    would like to see even more voice commands!

    What I find most convenient about Workstreams is the seamless integration between the tasks originating in Slack channels and the online Kanban Board. You never miss a thing!

    Martin Velkovski has used this product for one year.
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